How to Incorporate Hair Food Into Your Hair Regimen

hair foodThe G.A. Morgan Hair Refining Company

Do you remember when we were just kids studying black history during the month of February? At my school, everyone was assigned an individual within the black community who had achieved a significant accomplishment.

The goal was to research this individual and write a research paper. The person that sticks out to me most readily is Garrett Morgan (1877-1963); he was an inventor and publisher. He accomplished many great things throughout his life, but his most publicly recognized inventions were the traffic signals and the gas mask. There is no doubt that his accomplishments encouraged many others to pursue greatness.

It’s interesting to note that Garrett Morgan’s initial entrepreneurial success was achieved as the owner of G.A. Morgan Hair Refining Company. As you’ll see in the image displayed below, Morgan’s company sold pressing combs, hair refiner cream (a relaxer), and a variety of other hair related products. The company’s Hair-Lay-Fine Pomade states that it makes unruly hair lay where you want it. The implication of this statement is that natural hair is unruly.

G. A. Morgan Hair Refining Company

If you study their product list a bit, you’ll also notice that Garrett Morgan’s Company sold a product named Bleecheen. This product was created to give african americans the opportunity to bleach their skin or “obtain a smooth light complexion” according to the company’s advertising.

So, in addition to creating traffic signals and the gas mask, it could be argued that Garrett Morgan also invented relaxed hair. That is quite an impressive list of inventions, huh?

If this information is all new to you, trust that my goal isn’t to change your opinion of Garrett Morgan. It’s simply to establish that there are many pioneers within the hair and beauty industry that simply haven’t received the credit that they deserve.

Natural Hair Community Pioneers: Strive to Make an Impact

Recently, I was thinking to myself, there must be individuals who are responsible for leading the natural hair movement and inspiring women all across the world to go natural.

When you think about the true pioneers within the natural hair community, there are a few names that come to mind, but I won’t mention anyone specifically for sake of leaving someone out and potentially altering the purpose of this article.

These pioneers have done a great job of providing you with product reviews, natural hair information and celebrity interviews, but much of the information is starting feel recycled. Today I want to take a different approach with this article and talk about hair food.

If you want your hair to reach its full potential, you’ll need more than quality products and a consistent natural hair regimen – you should also eat a healthy diet.

Hair FoodLet’s Incorporate More Hair Food Into Your Natural Hair Regimen

There are several great foods that you can add to your diet; below I will list 6 of my favorite recommendations.

No.1: Who likes Chili? What about pinto beans or kidney beans? It’s important to know that beans provide much needed protein (and additional nutrients) which promote healthy hair. A few other high quality sources of protein include salmon, turkey, chicken and lean-beef. If you’re a meat lover be sure to add some of these lean-meats to your diet for high-quality sources of protein and other nutrients.

No.2: Remember the cartoon Popeye the Sailor Man? Popeye would pop open a can of spinach to recharge his super human strength anytime his girlfriend Olive Oyl was in trouble. You probably know where I’m going by now, but you should incorporate several dark green veggies, like broccoli and spinach into your diet. These veggies are packed with nutrients like
vitamins A and C.

No.3: What’s up Doc? That’s the famous line of our carrot-eating friend – Bugs Bunny. Aren’t you envious of Bugs Bunny’s natural hair? It was most likely so healthy looking do to his consumption of carrots, which provide an excellent source of vitamin A and promotes a healthy scalp.

No.4: I really like Multi-grain Cheerios and fat-free milk. This healthy breakfast provides a good source of calcium, fiber, iron and protein. Consuming dairy products that are low fat like skim milk, cottage cheese and yogurt are an important component to your healthy hair journey. Furthermore, incorporating whole grain breakfast cereals and breads into your diet can provide you with zinc, iron and vitamin B.

No.5: Scientific research shows that a zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding. Add some nuts to your eating plan if you’re looking for an excellent source of zinc. Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and cashews are a few good options.

No.6: Eggs Benedict, frittatas and omelets are all classic egg dishes that provide a good source of protein. So add some eggs to your meal plan. Do you remember those muscular guys who drank raw eggs on television years ago? Are you willing to go that far?

This article should get you started down the right path as you begin to create your meal plan. Now it’s time to take action, so head to your local grocery store and pick-up your favorite hair foods.


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