Do I Need a Wig Stand? How to Make a DIY Wig Stand at Home

Do I Need a Wig Stand? 5 Awesome Wig Storage Solutions

Correctly storing your wig will ensure that your wig never looks messy, matted, or misshapen. One potential solution to this problem is buying a wig stand, but do you really need a wig stand?

Do I Need a Wig Stand?

You need a wig stand if you want your wig to maintain its shape. Storing your wig on a stand will keep it from tangling and losing its original shape. Wig stands also make it easier to clean and style your wig, even if you don’t have a dressing table. There are other options to store your wigs, including using wig heads, foam heads, wig hangers, and even using a hook in your bedroom closet.

When you’re shopping for a wig stand, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the various wig storage options.

Form Mannequin Head

A1 Pacific female Styrofoam mannequin head holding a Hotkis human hair pixie cut wig.
A1 Pacific female Styrofoam mannequin head holding a Hotkis human hair pixie cut wig.

Tripod Wig Stand

Here's another common setup that we use where the A1 Pacific female Styrofoam mannequin head still sits on a Hotkis human hair pixie cut wig while the foam head sits on a Klvied reinforced wig stand tripod.
Here’s another common setup that we use where the A1 Pacific female Styrofoam mannequin head still holds a Hotkis human hair pixie cut wig while the foam head sits on a Klvied reinforced portable wig stand tripod.

Read on to find out why you need a wig stand. We’ll also cover the following topics within this article: (1) what kind of stand you should purchase or build, (2) when you should use the stand, and (3) alternative wig storage ideas and tips.

5 Benefits of Owning a Wig Stand

Light-skinned black woman wearing a white sports coat, blue jeans, and beige high heels.

Wigs can be a costly investment, and it’s important to keep them in good condition. After making such a significant purchase, we recommend that ladies purchase a wig stand from their local beauty supply store or an online retailer (like Amazon or Sally Beauty Supply).

Storing your wig on a stand will help you maintain it over the years. It’s essential to prevent your wig from tangling, losing its shape, and getting dirty.

Wig stands are also useful tools for styling and cleaning your wig. Let’s discuss some additional benefits of owning a wig stand.

African American lady with naturally curly type 3c hair wearing an orange sports coat, white t-shirt and blue jeans.

1. Keep Your Wig from Tangling

Untangling a wig can be a complicated process. If you’re not careful, you may lose some of the wig’s hair as you attempt to comb out the tangles.

This can leave bare patches (i.e., thinning spots) throughout your wig. To avoid this problem altogether, you need to take precautions to avoid tangling your wig. Storing it on a stand will help significantly.

Keep in mind that wigs are made to mimic human hair.

So, when you put your wig on a flat surface (e.g., bathroom counter) or on a hook, the hair will shift and potentially tangle. Storing your wig on a stand will keep all of the hairs in place, ensuring that it does not get knotted.

Black lady with braces rubbing her hands through her type 3c naturally curly hair strands.

2. Help Your Wig Keep Its Shape

When a wig is made, the hair is carefully arranged in the wig cap to make the wig look like human hair. When you take off your wig, laying it on a flat surface will cause all of the hair to shift to one side. This can also be an issue with wig boxes.

Hanging your wig on a peg or hook will also cause all of your wig’s hair to shift. Either way, if you do not store your wig properly, it may lose its volume, making it look synthetic, messy, and unnatural. 

Black woman with curly hair sitting on bench using an iPhone.

3. Keep Your Wig Clean

Wigs are not just beautiful accessories, but they are also dust magnets that pick up dander, pet hair, dirt, and crumbs on contact.

If you store your wig on a flat surface, it will undoubtedly pick up dust. Keeping your wig on a stand will keep your wig away from dirt and dust. Storing your wig on a stand will likely make it so that you do not have to shampoo your wig as often. 

Lady with an orange jacket sitting in her bedroom.

4. Styling Your Wig Is Easier

Styling your wig can be a fun and exciting way to change up your look, but styling wigs without a proper wig holder can be difficult.

Using a stand will keep the wig steady while you style it. Trying to holding your styling tools and the wig simultaneously is nearly impossible.

American female wearing a white shirt under an orange jacket and blue jeans.

5. Increase Airflow

Over time, wigs can get smelly, itchy, and hot. As you wear your wig, it will absorb the natural oils that your scalp produces. 

Wigs also trap sweat and humidity in your wig cap. After a couple of weeks, your wig may start to develop a dirty smell. 

When you are not wearing your wig, storing it on a wig stand will increase your wig’s exposure to clean, fresh air. Properly storing your wig enables the sweat and humidity trapped in your wig to dry out thoroughly. 

When your wig gets enough exposure to air, it will stay cleaner for an extended time. Wig stands are also useful for drying your wig between washes. Storing your wig on a flat surface or a hook after you wash it will cause it to dry in an odd shape. 

If you are not using a stand to dry your clean wig, it can warp and flatten, making it very artificial-looking.

If you do not fully dry out your wig between washes, it can itch and even grow mildew. Allowing your wig to dry on a proper wig holder before wearing it again will keep your wig from developing a musty, damp smell. 

Alternative Wig Storage Options:

  • Collapsible Wig Stand (recommended)
  • Block Wig Stand
  • Styrofoam Wig Head
  • Mannequin Head
  • Wig Holder (or Hanger)
  • Wig Box (good option for travelers)
  • DIY Wig Stand (great option for crafty ladies)
  • Shoe Rack (not recommended)
  • Dresser (not recommended)
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What Kind of Wig Stand Should I Use?

There are so many different storage options on the market, and it can be challenging to decide what kind of stand to purchase. Not all stands are created equally. Some stands are more useful for specific purposes, and some are more expensive than others. 

Collapsible Wig Stand (Recommended)

Collapsible wig stands are generally the most useful storage option. Out of all of the storage methods, collapsible stands are usually the cheapest option as well. 

Collapsible stands are a great option for women that wear wigs daily since they allow air to circulate beneath the wig, giving it faster dry times and an overall better smell. 

Plus, collapsible stands are also on the smaller side of potential storage options, so they take up less room than a bulky mannequin head, and they weigh a lot less too. These wig stands are also great for traveling. 

When you can collapse your wig stand and put it in a suitcase or overnight bag, you can safely store your wig wherever you go. 

If you are shopping for a collapsible stand, I recommend Dreamlover’s Collapsible Wig Stands. They have a straightforward design, and they don’t cover much of the wig cap, allowing it to air out between uses. 

Block Wig Stand

If you want a more traditional stand, you should consider a block wig stand. Block stands are usually made out of wood and fabric. 

Block stands are more secure than other wig stands, and they keep your wig from sliding off the frame. In addition, since block wig stands are heavier than other stands, they won’t topple over as easily. 

These stands are great for styling and storage since you can secure your wig on the stand with hair clips.

Like the GEX Canvas Block Head, some stands are made out of cork, which allows you to clip your hairpiece in place on the stand.

Mannequin Head

Mannequin heads (sometimes called wig heads) are great options to store your wigs since they closely mimic the shape of a human head. 

They also make great display pieces for your wigs, allowing you to show off your wig collection. Mannequin heads are not great for air-drying your wig, but they are one of the best tools for styling and storing wigs over long periods. 

You can get mannequin heads with many different variations, such as long necks or tripod bases for long wigs. 

Mannequin heads are a favorite for people who often style their wigs since they allow the stylist to see how the wig will look on a human head.

Styrofoam Heads

Styrofoam heads are similar to mannequin heads, but they are cheaper, more portable, and lightweight. Styrofoam heads also allow you to pin down your wig when you are storing it and styling it. 

Since you can pin your wig to styrofoam heads, they will keep your wig from sliding off its stand.

Styrofoam heads are very inexpensive, and you can often get multiple styrofoam heads with one purchase. I recommend Foraneam’s Styrofoam Heads since they are more durable than other styrofoam heads, but they are still lightweight. 

DIY Wig Stand

If you don’t want to invest in a wig stand but want to keep your wig looking fresh and polished, you can make your own easy wig stand at no cost. 

Custom size Mannequin head using Balloon and newspapers a recycled yogurt cup or water bottle paper

To make your own DIY wig stand, you will need the following supplies:

  • A plastic bag
  • Masking tape
  • Recyclable paper

Really! That is all you need. To make the wig stand:

  1. Fill the plastic bag with wadded-up paper until it is full.
  2. Tie the bag closed with a knot. 
  3.  Bind the bag with a piece of tape about the length of your head’s circumference, leaving the handles of the bag loose. 
  4. Squeeze the bag to shape it into a head-like form. 
  5. Tape the handles of the bag to a wall, a closet door, or any other surface.
  6. Hang your wig on the plastic bag, and you are done!

Easy DIY Head Casting

Easy DIY Head Casting with Paper Tape

When Should I Use a Wig Stand?

Whenever you are not wearing your wig, you should keep it on a wig stand. If you place your wig anywhere other than a stand, it is liable to become tangled, distorted, and dirty. 

Keeping your wig on a stand will ensure that your wig stays in excellent condition for a longer period of time. You should also put your wig on a stand following each washing session.

Letting your wig dry without placing it on a stand will cause your wig to dry in a warped shape. Once your wig dries in an odd shape, it will keep that shape until it is rewashed. 

To cut down on the number of times you need to wash your wig, always dry it on a wig stand before wearing it. 

African American female posing for a photo in her bedroom wearing cut-off blue jeans and orange coat.

Drying your wig on a stand will also keep mold and mildew from growing in your wig. Mold and mildew can grow when your wig stays damp for an extended period of time. 

If you don’t dry your wig between uses, it may start to smell musty, like an old, wet towel. If this is the case, wash your wig and let it fully dry on a wig stand before wearing it again. 

Whether you are combing, curling, braiding, or straightening your wig, you should always use a stand during styling sessions. 

If you style your wig on a stand, the style will be more accurate when you put it on your head — using a stand when styling will also give you better access to the back of your wig. 

Black woman looking in the mirror rubbing her type 3c curly hair.

More Tips for Storing Your Wigs

If you want your wig to last as long as possible, you can take the following precautions when storing it.

  • Store your wig away from sunlight. 
  • Keep your wig in a cool, dry place.
  • Put a hairnet on your wig when you store it to prevent tangles.

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Using a wig stand or one of our alternative storage solutions is an essential part of maintaining your wig.

If you choose not to purchase a wig stand, alternative solutions include a mannequin head, wig hangers, wig boxes, shoe racks, a hook in your bathroom closet, or any other designated storage space. Although, some of these alternatives aren’t recommended.

The key is to take care of your investment. If you choose to store your wig on a stand, it will tangle less, stay cleaner, and keep its shape.

Taking care of your wig is a lot easier if you use a wig stand, and storing your wig on a stand will make it last a lot longer. 

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