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How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last? Synthetic vs Human Hair Wigs

Young African American female wearing a quality lace front wig made from Remy human hair.

Lace front wigs are exploding in popularity due to their natural-looking hairline and versatile parting options. People of all ages and backgrounds are giving them a try to upgrade their hair game.

One of the most common questions that wig newbies have about lace front wigs is, “How long do lace front wigs last?”

If this sounds like you, then you need to read this article all the way to the end.

We’re going to take a look at the average lifespan of lace front wigs and provide you with everything you need to know to keep your lace wig looking its best. 

How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last?

You can expect a human hair lace front wig to last:

  • Up to 3 years with occasional wear.  
  • Up to 1 year with daily wear. 

*These estimates are for a very good quality wig that is properly maintained. 

On the other hand, synthetic wigs typically last for around five months if you wear them daily and a little bit longer if you wear them sparingly. 

The exact length of time your wig lasts depends on a few different factors, including:

  • How often the wig is worn.
  • The quality of the wig. 
  • What material the wig is made of (e.g., human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, virgin human hair, etc.).
  • How well the wig is taken care of (e.g., proper care includes washing, conditioning, etc., but it’s worth mentioning that heated styling, bleach, hair coloring, etc. will reduce the usefulness of your wig.).

The less strain you put on your lace wigs, the longer they remain in good condition.

Even though lace front wigs don’t last forever, there are steps you can take to make them last longer. We’ll dive into those later in the article. 

Black lady with thinner hair wearing a sew-in wig that covers her natural hairline and hair style.

How Long Can You Keep a Lace Front Wig On?

The length of time you can keep your lace front wig on depends on the method you used to apply it. Most adhesives are meant for short-term use and only last for up to a week before needing to be removed for a touch-up. With a long-term adhesive, like glue or tape, a lace front wig can stay secure for up to six weeks.

How To Make Your Lace Front Wig Last Longer

How long your wig lasts depends on how well you take care of it. As with any investment, you want to get your money’s worth out of a lace front wig. So, in this section, we’ll give you some pointers on how to prolong the life of your wig. 

Be Gentle with Your Wig

The gentler you are on your wig, the longer it will last. Your wig can’t replace hairs that fall out, so do everything you can to keep the strands in place.

Use a wide-tooth comb or wig brush whenever possible, and always detangle your hair before styling. Avoid heavy detangling when the wig is dry, and always use a gentle touch whenever you style or maintain it.

African American girl wearing a curly lace front made from real hair standing outside in direct sunlight taking photos.

Use the Right Products

When it comes to caring for your synthetic wig, the products you use are your most useful resource. If you have a human hair wig, you should treat it almost like you would your natural hair.

Use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, and always apply a heat protectant before using high heat. Avoid using products with ingredients that leave buildup on the hair. 

If your wig is synthetic, use specifically formulated products to care for your wig. There are special shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that prolong the life of the synthetic fibers and won’t build up like the products made for human hair.

You can also use a liquid fabric softener to condition your synthetic hair wigs in a pinch, but we always recommend using wig products tailored specifically for use on the type of wig you own. 

Wash Your Wig the Right Way

Though washing your wig is essential, the wrong technique will drastically shorten its longevity. You never want to scrub or agitate the wig, especially not when it’s wet.

Also, you should never use hot water to wash your wig, and avoid putting conditioner on or near the wig cap. 

Here’s the right way to wash your lace front wig. 

  1. Dampen your wig with cool water. 
  2. Rub in a small amount of conditioner and gently detangle your wig with a wide-tooth comb. 
  3. Mix shampoo and cool water in a large basin and submerge your wig. 
  4. Allow the wig to soak for 20 minutes to several hours. Don’t rub or agitate the wig; just let it soak. 
  5. Repeat the process as needed with fresh shampoo water. You may need to soak it several times to get the wig fully clean. 
  6. Rinse the wig with clean water until all the shampoo is washed out.
  7. Apply some lightweight conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair and let it sit for a few minutes. 
  8. Rinse your wig with cool water until the water runs clear. 
  9. Dab the wig with a towel to absorb excess moisture and allow the wig to airdry. 
A stylish young African female wearing casual clothes and a high-quality wig.

Remove Your Wig Carefully

Removing your wig carefully is another crucial step when it comes to lengthening the lifespan of your wig. Once the lace rips, it may be impossible to repair.

Don’t rush through the removal process, and never rip your wig off. This will damage both your skin and the wig. 

If you applied your wig with glue, try dissolving it with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. If you’re sensitive to alcohol, you can try vaseline, oil, or conditioner instead.

When the adhesive bond is broken and begins to come away from your scalp, your wig will come off with ease. 

After removal, we recommend storing your wig on a wig head, wig stand, or in a wig box. Read this article for more details on how to properly store a wig.

Don’t Overwash Your Wig

Washing your wigs too often will leave them looking dry and brittle. Wash your wig only as often as you need to and follow up with conditioning treatments like you would with your natural hair. Generally, you should wash your wig after every 10 to 15 wears. 

Pro Tip: You should also limit the number of styling products you use on your wig to reduce the need for cleaning. 

African American female with a big smile wearing a lace front wig with a black jacket and green t-shirt.

Can You Wear a Lace Front Wig Every Day?

You can definitely wear your lace front wig daily! Just know that it won’t last as long with daily wear. If you want to wear a wig daily, rotating between two or three wigs each day of the week is recommended.

Switching out your wig often reduces the wear and tear your unit will incur, and it allows you to space out your wig wash sessions.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Lace Front Wigs

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when wearing lace front wigs. Following the tips provided in this section will help extend the life of your wig and keep it looking new. 


  • Do avoid using heat or products with drying ingredients on your wig. 
  • Do use a wig stand to help your wig keep its shape.
  • Do treat the wig as well as you treat your natural hair
  • Do adjust your wig to make sure it fits well.
  • Do take your wig to a hairstylist to get it professionally cut or colored. 
  • Do be patient when it comes to applying and removing your wig. 


  • Don’t rip or pull your wig off without loosening any adhesives or attachment mechanisms. 
  • Don’t sleep in your wig unless you have to. 
  • Don’t neglect your natural hair. 
  • Don’t put a wig on damp hair. 
  • Don’t buy cheap wigs if you want them to last for a long time. 

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When it comes to the lifespan of your lace wig, the amount of care you put into it makes all the difference.

By taking a little extra time and using the proper technique, you can keep your wig in great shape for months to come. We hope this article has given you all the tools you need to do just that!