What Long Hair Says About a Man? What Does It Symbolize?

A smiling young man with facial hair and a full head with shoulder-length curls in their natural texture.

Most women emphatically state that hair is more than just hair – that it’s a reflection of your identity and way of thinking. The same thing applies to men.

That makes sense, right?

A man’s hairstyle can say a lot about him, and men with long hair have some of the most interesting qualities of all. If you’re wondering what long hair says about a man, you’re in the right place.

This article will explore several traits long-haired guys tend to exhibit.

What Long Hair Says About a Man?

Light-skinned African American with thinning hair loss before growing a big afro with a rebellious edge.

Long-haired men are very much like unicorns, being that over 90% of men have short hair. This statistic alone demonstrates that men with long hair are special. Here are six things long hair says about a man:

1. He’s Confident

A man with long hair usually has plenty of confidence. He can swoop into any social gathering and charm pretty much everyone at the party with his smooth words and irresistible hair.

He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid of doing what he needs to do to get it.

Why does a man with long hair tend to be confident? Because he dares to go against the current norms of society. In most cases, men are expected to wear shorter hair (i.e, short and crisp), as this is the societal norm.

Guys with long hair do not care about this – they dare go their own way and rock their own style unapologetically. Only men with real confidence can do so. 

A young man with both thumbs up wearing his hair long after not getting a hair cut for several years.

2. He Has a Rebellious Mindset

It is no coincidence that you see lots of rockers with long hair. These men are not afraid of rules and are not bound by most societal expectations.

They live by their own rules and beliefs, so they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and let others see that they’re different.

A man with long hair is not automatically a bad person, though.

Their rebellious mindset enables them to recognize the downsides of conforming to society. The truth is that men with long hair are often just as kind and nice as those with short hair.

Adult male with his arms crossed wondering if females find long hair attractive as he prepares for his first date.

3. He Has a Strong Sense of Commitment 

Growing your hair to a long length is not an easy task; it takes a real sense of commitment. You have to wash it, style it, and maintain it with regular trims and conditioning treatments.

So, we can infer that a man with long hair is a man who isn’t afraid of commitment and has the patience to wait for results.

4. He’s Brave

It also takes a lot of bravery to go against the grain and stand out from the crowd. A man with long hair will have to endure sharp criticism and even dirty looks not only from his family members and friends but also from closed-minded strangers.

To be able to stand his ground in the face of criticism is a feat that only brave men can achieve. 

A serious young man that has patiently seen his hair grow into long locks after avoiding the barber shop.

5. He Has an Artistic Mind

Men with long hair are usually artistic souls with great taste in music. They see art everywhere, which includes their hair, and because of this, they aren’t afraid to express their own artistic visions.

When it comes to music, long-haired men usually enjoy listening to rock, but as mentioned before, men with long hair aren’t bound by the rules of society, so they might surprise you. 

Young African American male with hands behind head with a 4B hair type.

6. He Works a Non-Corporate Job

Most corporations don’t have a rigid dress code pertaining to hairstyles, but owners and management personnel at corporations do tend to have a preference for short hair.

This is why you won’t find a lot of men with long hair working at big corporations. Instead, they tend to work for companies that allow them to express themselves freely. 

Happy young black dude wearing casual clothes as he prepares to take his date onto the dance floor.

These Traits Are Not Universal 

It should be noted, however, that every individual is different. These traits are common traits for men with long hair, but they are not shared among all men with long hair.

Some men with long hair might be brave but not very artistic, and others can be artistic but not very rebellious. It’s important to keep this in mind. 

A young guy who's a metal head asking his girlfriend if she likes rock bands during a phone call.

Should You Grow Your Hair?

As a man, growing out your hair is a huge decision, and it requires a great deal of commitment. Some situations in which you might consider growing out your hair include:

  • You want to stand out from the crowd. 
  • You are not afraid of drawing a lot of attention to yourself. 
  • You like the way long hairstyles look. 
  • You have the time and the resources to invest in growing your hair. 

That said, there are certain situations where growing your hair out might not be the best choice. Here are some situations where shorter hairstyles might suit you better:

  • You are working in a lab or a hospital.
  • You don’t like it when people stare at you on the street. 
  • You do not have a lot of time to care for your hair. 
Young man laughing after considering his cultural identity after growing long hair affected his self-esteem.

How To Grow Long Hair

If you have decided to make a commitment to grow long hair, this section is for you! One thing you should always keep in mind is that growing long hair takes a lot of time, and it will be a while before you reach your hair growth goals.

For those who are determined to grow long hair, below are some tips to help:

Choose A Barber Who Knows About Growing Long Hair

Even when you are growing long hair, you will still have to regularly visit the barbershop for trims and cuts.

Since not every barber knows a lot about long hair, visiting the wrong barber means that you could end up with a hair growth setback. Hint: We advise that you stay away from scissor-happy barbers. 

African American dude with an afro wearing a low maintenance style that garners much attention.

Use Conditioners Regularly

If you want to grow long hair, you’ll need to use conditioner regularly. Conditioners help to smooth and nourish hair strands, preventing split ends and breakage that could stifle your hair growth.

The trick here is to focus the conditioner on your ends rather than your roots since the ends are the oldest part of the hair and are prone to breakage. 

A guy with a big curly hair and his hair down after not getting a haircut for several years.

Cut Down on Shampoo 

Men with oily hair might find it difficult to curtail their shampoo use, but most experts agree that you shouldn’t overuse shampoo if you want to grow your hair out.

If you wash your hair every day, try slowly cutting it down to once every other day.

Once you are more comfortable with this new routine, try only shampooing once a week. Shampooing less will help to preserve your natural hair oils.

And whenever you do wash your hair, be sure to use a gentle yet effective shampoo.

Most shampoos contain sulfates, which strip all of the natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. So, go sulfate-free to give your hair the best chance of hair growth and length retention. 

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We hope that this article is helpful to you, whether you’re a woman looking for information about a long-haired man, or a man wondering what others think about men with long hair.

Generally speaking a man with long hair is a man who sets ambitious goals, and he will stop at nothing to reach them. He has what it takes to patiently wait for results, and he is not afraid of criticism.

Growing long hair as a man can be a fun and rewarding journey, so if you want to confidently stand out from the crowd, perhaps growing long hair is the perfect journey for you.

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