How Long Does a Wig Install Last? How to Make It Last Longer

A cute black girl wearing a lace front wig made of human hair creates a natural hairline that lasts up to six weeks.

Wig installs are known to be expensive and time-consuming, whether you do them yourself or have them professionally done. So, to verify whether getting a wig install is worth it, it only makes sense to confirm how long wig installs last.

Here’s a hint – wig install longevity varies based on several factors. In this article, we’ll tell you how long wig installs last, the factors that affect their longevity, and reveal how to make your wig installs last longer. Let’s get right into it! 

How Long Does a Wig Install Last?

A wig install can last approximately 2-6 weeks before it needs to be removed. However, the specific duration of the wig installation may vary depending on various factors, such as the quality of the wig, the type of hair, the installation method used, and the level of maintenance provided.

For instance, human hair wigs may last longer than synthetic wigs, while a sew-in installation may last longer than glued lace front wigs.

A beautiful black girl wearing a human hair wig secured to a wig cap creates a natural appearance.

Proper maintenance is essential to keep the wig looking great and prolong its lifespan. Shampooing, washing, and conditioning the wig every week is recommended to ensure that the hair remains healthy and clean.

Regular maintenance can help prevent tangling, shedding, and other issues from extended wear. Ultimately, it is essential to pay close attention to the condition of the wig and remove it promptly if any signs of damage or wear and tear are present.

By taking good care of the wig and monitoring its condition, it is possible to enjoy a comfortable and stylish wig installation for an extended period.

Factors Affecting How Long a Wig Install Lasts

You now know the general longevity range for wig installs; let’s narrow it down to get to a more targeted answer. There are several factors in play when it comes to wig installs, and each of them affects how long your wig install will last. In this section, we’ll fill you in on the most important factors determining how long your wig install will last.

African American female wearing a lace wig made of synthetic hair secured with waterproof glue.

How You Secure Your Wig

The most integral part of installing a wig is securing it on your head, and that’s usually done with one of several adhesives.

8 Ways to Secure Your Wig (Official Godiva's Secret Wigs Video)

Here are the ones normally used for wig installs and how long they tend to last:

  • Wig glue – Wig glue is a specially formulated adhesive to be used only for installing wigs. These wig adhesives last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks at a time. Bold Hold and GhostBond are the most trusted wig glues out there for wig installs. They not only create a heavy-duty seal between your wig and your skin, but they are sweatproof and waterproof, and they can be used by those who live in super hot climates. Other wig glues may not have as much staying power as Bold Hold or GhostBond; if you use those, your wig install won’t last very long.
  • Got2b Glued Spray – Got2b glued spray is another popular wig install adhesive. In case you weren’t aware, Got2b Glued Spray was not initially created to be used for installing wigs, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. Either way, the spray can keep your wig in place for up to a week at a time. After that, the wig will begin to separate from your hairline. You’ll have to take the wig off, clean the hairline, clean your skin, and reinstall it after that.
  • Tape – If you use wig tape to secure your wig, you’ll get 2 to 4 weeks of wear out of your wig install. But you should know not all wig tapes are created equal. Some don’t perform as advertised, in which case, you could notice slippage before 2 to 4 weeks.
An African female is wearing a synthetic wig with a natural-looking hairline even in direct sunlight.

Non-Adhesive Wig Installs

Not every wig install utilizes heavy-duty adhesives – they don’t work well for everyone’s skin or lifestyle. If you decide to go the glueless route and use adjustable straps, wig clips, or wig grips, your wig install will last until you take off the clips and take the unit off.

Sewn-in wig installs are a little bit different. They involve someone sewing your wig down in multiple places using needle and thread.

Since your wig will be anchored to your own hair, your wig will stay secure for up to three months. The chances of your sewn-down wig coming off prematurely are slim to none.

Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle also influences how long your wig install will ultimately last. First, if you sweat a lot and have secured your wig with an adhesive, you may find that your wig shifts earlier than you expected.

But even if you choose to forego an adhesive and sew your wig onto your hair, sweating a lot in your head can shorten your wig install’s longevity. The more you sweat in your head, the higher your chances of developing scalp irritation or even mold and mildew growth.

African American female letting her chemically-processed sew-in, glueless wig flow freely in the wind.

The Skillset of the Person Who Installs Your Wig

The final factor affecting how long your wig install lasts is who installs your wig. If you’re new to installing wigs and decide to do your install, you may miss some important steps along the way.

Misusing adhesives can lead to a weak adhesive bond, a thread that’s improperly sewn in can come out prematurely, and poorly anchored wig clips can pop out unexpectedly.

Basically, if the person installing your wig knows what they’re doing, you can expect your wig install to last longer. If not, don’t expect your wig install to last.

What Happens if You Leave a Wig on for Too Long?

No matter which products or techniques you use to install your wig, it’s never a good idea to leave a wig on your head for more than 6 weeks.

You could run into enormous problems, like:

  • Mold and mildew growth from moisture becoming trapped underneath the wig
  • Hair dryness from not having access to your natural hair to care for it
  • Scalp irritation from accumulated sweat, scalp flakes
  • and much more. 
A pretty African American female is wearing a virgin human hair wig that is moisturized regularly.

So, it’s not advised to leave your wig installed for longer than 6 weeks, no matter how much work you put in to install it.

How to Make Your Wig Install Last Longer

Have you tried to install your wig before and found that you couldn’t make it last? You’re one of many people who haven’t yet found their stride with wig installation.

You’ll be glad to know that there are some things you can do next time to make your wig install last longer, and we’ll go over them in this section.

How to make your wig install last #boldhold

  • Stay away from moisture. Moisture may not only lift up any adhesives you used to secure your wig, but it can also irritate your scalp and expose your scalp and hair to nasty mold growth. All of these things could lead to your install not lasting very long or you having to remove the wig yourself prematurely. So, staying away from excessive moisture makes a lot of sense.
  • Be gentle with your wig. One of the most preventable ways to ruin an install is to be rough with the wig. Yanking, rough combing, and more can lift up the edges of your unit and break the seal keeping your wig secure. Even if you use alternative methods to secure your wig, constantly pulling at the wig can ruin your install in a hurry and even damage your hair in the process. When combing your wig’s hair, hold the unit at the base to keep it from lifting up.
  • Minimize tangling. It’s hard to be gentle with your wig when it’s tangled all the time. So, minimize tangling at all costs. Sleep in a silk or satin bonnet to minimize friction with your sheets and covers, oil your wig here and there to keep it moisturized, and never ever go to bed with a wet wig.

Do Wig Installs Damage Hair?

Wig installs should not damage your natural hair when done correctly and with proper care. However, if done improperly or if the wig is too tight or heavy, it can potentially cause damage to your hairline, including traction alopecia. This is why having a professional stylist install your wig is important.

Can You Shower With a Wig On?

Wigs are not designed to be washed while on your head, and water can cause damage to the wig’s construction and adhesive. Additionally, wearing a wet wig can cause skin irritation and even infection. Instead, you should remove your wig before showering or bathing and wash it separately using wig-specific shampoo and conditioner.

How Long Can You Keep a Wig Sewn In?

How long you can keep a wig sewn in depends on the type of wig, the method of installation, and the quality of the wig and the installation. Generally, a sew-in wig can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks with proper care and maintenance. Avoid leaving it in for too long because it damages your natural hair.

How Long Can You Keep a Wig Sewn In

How Long Does a Lace Front Wig Install Last?

When it comes to lace front wig installs, the length of time they last depends on the quality of the wig and the level of care taken with the wig. Generally, a lace front wig can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks if you take care of it and avoid using harsh products or heat-styling tools.

How Long Does a Glued Wig Install Last?

With proper care and maintenance, a glued wig install can last around 4-6 weeks. It’s important to use a high-quality adhesive that is specifically designed for use with wigs. Make sure to avoid using harsh products or heat-styling tools that can cause damage to the wig and reduce its lifespan.

How Long Does a Frontal Wig Install Last?

A frontal wig install typically lasts around 4-6 weeks. It’s important to have the wig installed by a professional stylist, as a poorly-installed frontal wig can cause damage to your natural hairline. Additionally, it’s important to avoid using harsh products or heat styling tools on the wig, as this can cause damage and make it not last as long.

How Long Do Human Hair Wigs Last?

The lifespan of human hair wigs depends on the quality of the wig and the frequency of wear. With proper care, a high-quality human hair wig can last up to a year or more. Use wig-specific products and store the wig properly to help maintain its shape. Have it professionally serviced sometimes, including re-styling or trimming the hair fibers.

A cute black girl is dancing while wearing a lace frontal wig made from synthetic materials.

How Long Does a Lace Wig Install Last?

Lace wig installs can last around 4-6 weeks if you use wig-specific products and avoid using harsh products or heat styling tools that damage the wig and reduce its lifespan. Additionally, it’s important to have the wig installed by a professional stylist to ensure a secure and natural-looking fit.

How Long Does a Closure Wig Install Last?

Closure wig installs, in general, can last around 4-6 weeks. As with other types of wigs, use wig-specific products and avoid using harsh products or anything that damages the wig and reduces its lifespan. Also, have your wig installed by a professional to make sure it looks and feels more natural.

How Long Does a Glueless Wig Install Last?

Unlike other wigs, a glueless wig install can last around 2-4 weeks. These types of wigs typically have combs or clips that secure them to your natural hair, which can cause less damage than adhesive-based installations. However, it’s still important to properly care for your wig by avoiding hair products and heat.

How Long Does a 360-Wig Install Last?

A 360 wig install typically lasts around 4-6 weeks with proper care and maintenance. 360 wigs are designed to provide full coverage around the entire perimeter of your head, which can create a more natural-looking hairline. We recommend having the wig installed by a professional stylist and only using wig-specific products in order to lengthen the lifespan of your wig.

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If you feel confident in your ability to pull things off, you certainly can try things out on your own. But if you don’t, it makes perfect sense to get your installation done professionally.

So, there you have it- everything you need to know about how long a wig install lasts. We hope that you found all the information you were looking for. We wish you the best as you experiment with wigs!

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