Haircuts for Balding Men: Best Balding Haircuts and Styles

A handsome African man with a shaved head due to balding hair on his head and thick, dark brown facial hair creating a very masculine hairstyle.

Balding is inevitable for the vast majority of men, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with. As you lose strand after strand, you may also lose shreds of confidence if you do nothing about your balding. One of the best ways to maintain confidence and attractiveness is to switch up your hairstyle.

Haircuts for Balding Men

Contrary to what you may think, there are several fantastic haircuts for balding men that you can try today to take the attention away from the balding and make you feel great about yourself. We’ll introduce you to the best of them. Let’s get right into it.

Buzz Cut

How to Cut a Buzzcut : Hair Clippers & Men's Hair

For the most daring of us, getting a buzz cut is the ideal thing to do once balding sets in. We get it–it’s difficult to even think of saying goodbye to most of your hair. But as you might imagine, it definitely works for some.

Think Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, or Channing Tatum. The world considers these men to be uber-attractive, and they all have one thing in common: very little hair. 

If you thought that a buzz cut meant buzzing your hair down to the skin, that’s not the case. A buzz cut is any cut where your hair is short and all the same length all over.

The great thing about buzz cuts is when they’re short enough, they can reduce the amount of contrast between your thinning or bald spots and the rest of your hair. This gives off the illusion of fuller hair.

If you want a buzz cut, you can get it done professionally or do it at home yourself. For those who want to go that route, there are several videos online to help you achieve that. We suggest you watch several before reaching for the clippers or razor.

Despite his thinning hair and balding crown, the handsome African man rocks a skin fade hairstyle that accentuates his strong features.

The Razor Shave

How To SAFELY Shave Your Head Bald Using A Razor Blade! (Balding For Beginners)

The razor shave takes things further than the buzz cut. While the buzz cut involves going very short, the razor shave involves going completely bald.

The thought of cutting off all of your hair might send shivers down your spine, but there are benefits to ripping the band-aid off and kissing all of your hair goodbye.

The most obvious perk is that if there’s no hair on your head at all, there’s no way for people to tell that your hairline is receding or that you have bald spots. In addition, you’ll look like a bolder, more mature version of yourself.

And last, you won’t have to worry about daily styling since there’s no hair to style.

Going completely bald is a monumental deal for anyone. It’s for this reason many start off with a buzz cut (a super short, even cut) before taking the leap and cutting all the hair off down to the scalp. You can work your way up to the razor shave if you’d like to make the process more palatable.

To get a razor cut for the first time, we strongly recommend seeing a professional. They’ll have all the tools necessary to get your head smooth and bare.

You don’t want to botch your shave at home and have to face the world with knicks and cuts on your head. But if a professional razor cut isn’t possible, you can definitely try it at home. Just do it on a day when you don’t have anywhere important to go.

You’ll start by trimming any longer hairs. Then you’ll apply a shaving gel to your entire head. With a sharp pair of razors, you’ll get to work shaving off every single hair you see using gentle strokes.

You don’t want to shave off your skin; that’d be painful and unsightly. Rinse your blades every now and again to ensure there are no hairs in there. The blades need to be free to work as intended.

When you think you’re done, use a three-panel mirror to check your work. Add more shaving cream and shave off any stray hairs, and you’re done! Towel off and go! Here’s a video showing the process from start to finish. 

With his fine hair and well-groomed beard, the African man embraces a high skin fade, giving his look a stylish edge.

Crew Cut

Not into chopping off all your length? Then the crew cut is an option for you to seriously consider. The cut is roughly the same length all the way around (like a buzz cut), but you’ll leave a little more length at the top and do a light fade.

It’s got a classic look we’re all used to seeing on everyday guys and Hollywood’s leading men. Wear it with your most casual fits or with a suit and tie to ultra-formal events. It’s just that versatile!

The reason the crew cut works for balding men is that it sort of levels the playing field (on your head). With all of your hair short, it won’t be as obvious that some areas are thinning or balding. The age group that may be most inclined to try the crew cut is 25 to 35, though you’ll see older guys rocking the style as well. 

Classy Mid Fade Crew Cut Self Haircut Tutorial | How To Cut Men's Short Hair

Getting a crew cut is 100% possible on your own at home. But to get it looking right, do as much research as possible on the process and watch tutorials. You’ll have to decide how long you want your hair at the top and on the sides and execute that part of the process.

Then you’ll have to fade the top into the sides and back. It’s this part that has the potential to give you problems, but if you watch the right tutorial and don’t mind botching the cut once or twice, we say go the DIY route. 

As you might expect, it’s much easier to just get a crew cut at your local barber shop. It’s not complicated, so it won’t cost you much. And you don’t have to worry about the specifics of the cut at all. All you’ll need to do is go into the barbershop and sit down in the chair. 

Whether you go the DIY route to take a trip to the barbershop, chances are you’ll find the crew cut makes you look and feel like a million bucks! 

The gentleman's natural hair texture and thick, dark brown facial hair complement his bald head, exuding a confident and masculine style.

The Comb-Over


After reading the above heading, you might have winced. The comb-over has gotten a bad rep because it’s not always executed well. But trust us, when you get it right, it looks amazing.

The comb-over is any cut where the top of your hair is combed over the side. 

If you’ve seen a comb-over before, then you know that the combed-over portion can be substantial enough to camouflage even large bald spots and receding hairlines. The hair acts as a distraction and a covering for the lost hair. 

While you may think of a comb-over as a style, you should know that it’s very much a cut. The cut is considerably longer on top than on the sides or the back, and there’s a fade to tie the hair at the top with shorter hair below. 

One thing you should know about the comb-over is that it’s better suited to professional guys or those working in corporate/formal offices. When done well, the cut lends the wearer a degree of sophistication that you don’t get with every cut.

If you like that idea, a comb-over is definitely for you. 

To get a comb-over, the average Joe will need to call their barber and make an appointment. Since the comb-over can go wrong–and most of us can attest to that–going with a professional cut is super important.

Professionals know how to balance out the cut so the top isn’t too long, enhance your hair’s thickness, and give you an overall better look than you could achieve on your own. To see what the cut entails, watch this video before you go in for your appointment.

Sporting a taper fade and a neatly brushed back hairstyle, the African man embraces his thin hair, showcasing a sleek and sophisticated look.

High and Tight

HOW TO CUT A HIGH AND TIGHT // short tapered mens haircut

The high and tight takes its roots from the military. It’s super short on the sides and in the back, with a little length on the top. That hair on the top is what you need to hide or camouflage the signs of balding.

The hair can be styled upward or to the side to detract from your missing hair. It can also be combed over a bit, though not as much as a comb-over, to cast a shadow on the missing hair along your hairline or any bald spots you may have. 

To get a high and tight, first, take in your sides to a fraction of an inch.

As you get down to the tops of your ears and the nape of your neck, the hair should be cut even shorter. As for the top, you’ll leave that part a little longer. It can be a fraction of an inch long or longer than that if you’ve got a lot of balding or hairline rescission to cover up. 

The high and tight haircut is ideal for guys who like a clean overall look.

If that resonates with you, this cut may be a good fit. You can do the cut at home if you can get your hands on the necessary supplies and watch the right tutorial videos

But you can also go to your local barbershop and ask for a high and tight; most barbers will know what you mean. Just be sure to tell them how long you want the top to be. Bringing in a picture can be super helpful during the consultation process. 

Though his hair may be thinning, the gentleman maintains an air of confidence with his mid-skin fade and natural hair length.



The slick-back is another great cut to consider if your hair is thinning or balding. It’s any cut executed with the intention of slicking the top and sides backward. The best thing about this cut is that it can be created on virtually any length of hair.

But this specific type of slick-back is done in combination with a taper or a fade. 

It’s undeniable that slick-backs are associated with dapperness. If that’s your kind of style, this cut may be perfect for you. Just know this style doesn’t always pair well with a t-shirt and jeans or sweatpants and a sweater, as it can come off too formal. 

If you’re wondering why the slick-back works for balding, the answer is clear.

In cases where you’re balding in the crown, you can slick the hair in the front backward to cover the spot. If your balding is primarily around your hairline, this isn’t the best cut for you, as it can accentuate a receding hairline. 

In case you didn’t know, there’s a real difference between a good slick-back and a bad slick-back. So aside from learning how to do a fade or taper cut, you’ll have to learn how to style the cut as well. It’s not as easy as you might think, so here’s a video to help you out. 

Embracing his hair's natural texture, the African man opts for a slicked-back hairstyle that draws attention to his thick, well-groomed beard.

Edgar Cut


The Edgar cut is a trendy style most have seen plastered all over social media as of late. It’s a combination of a Caesar cut and a high fade. The front portion can be left long, acting like a bang to hide a receding hairline or balding in the crown. 

Aside from the fact that it’s a great haircut for balding, the Edgar cut is great to look at! It’s miles away from any cut you’ve ever seen, and that’s why people love it so much.

Just because you’re balding doesn’t mean you have to opt for haircuts that don’t match your personality. The Edgar cut has a two-fold appeal: it’s trendy, and it comes in handy for balding folks. 

The cut is mainly worn by teens and young adults.

To get the look, you’ll ask your barber for a Caesar cut with a high fade in the front to tie everything together. You will need to tell the barber how long you want the front portion of the cut to be. Also, to ensure you’re able to camouflage balding, a cut that emphasizes volume and thickness will be ideal. 

Want to know how the cutting process goes for the Edgar cut? Watch this video

Despite his thin hair, the gentleman rocks grey hair, adding an edgy element to his overall appearance.

Textured Mohawk


Is your balding in the middle of your head? A textured mohawk can cover that right up! This style features very short hair along the sides of your head with much longer hair up the middle.

The hair in the middle can be used to cover up any unsightly bald patches or even a receding hairline. The textured mohawk has a rebellious quality, so many shy away from it, but it becomes infinitely more wearable if you keep the middle portion 2 inches or shorter.

If you can incorporate a fade or taper on the sides, that’ll make the cut even cleaner. These modifications are only necessary if you deem them to be. 

When you get a mohawk or do one yourself, ensure your hair is cut in blunt, choppy layers to enhance its thickness. That way, you’ll be able to hide any thinning or balding without much of an issue. The thinner your hair is, the harder it’ll be to camouflage any lack of fullness. 

Thinking about DIYing the cut? Watch this video first. 

With his all-over-shaved head, the African man embraces his balding spots with thick hair on his beard and exudes a bold and masculine style.

Which Haircut is Best for Balding? 

The answer to this question is individual, though some hairstyles hide balding better than others. The buzz cut and razor shave are two of the best options, as they drastically reduce the contrast between areas with full hair and those with balding.

If you’re looking for a total cover-up, the Edgar cut, and the comb-over are among the best. They both give you free rein to manipulate your hair in a way that covers up any balding areas. 

Ultimately, though, the best haircut option for you will depend on your personal preferences, how much regular maintenance you want to be responsible for, your skill set, and much more. What’s more, is that you may need to try multiple haircuts to find the best one for you, so try to be patient as you try out different styles.

Sporting a tapered cut with thinner hair and a full beard, the gentleman's hairstyle highlights his face shape and draws attention to his striking features.

Is Short Hair Better for Balding? 

In most cases, it’s easier to camouflage balding with short hair rather than long hair. Shorter hair often appears more voluminous and can minimize the appearance of balding and thin patches, but there are instances where longer hair is ideal.

If you have large bald areas, go for a longer style where you can cover up the bald spots with hair from another part of your head. The mohawk is an example of a great long style for balding.

Is it Too Late to Stop Balding? 

You’ll be glad to know it’s not too late to stop balding. With technological advances in hair restoration and hair loss prevention, chances are there’s a remedy out there to help you. These solutions can slow your rate of hair loss, prevent or prolong the onset of balding, or help you grow your hair back.

If you are balding, we urge you to see a dermatologist. They’ll be able to look at your scalp, discuss your health history, and recommend an appropriate treatment. 

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So, there you have it–several haircuts to choose from when you’re balding. We hope that you found some helpful inspiration here! Try out one or more of these styles to feel confident as you go through life. Good luck! 

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