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How To Make Your Hair Fluffy: 8 Ways To Create Voluminous Hairstyles

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Fluffy hair has a touchably soft feel and an undeniable appeal that demands stares. Yet, the look can be notoriously difficult to achieve if you don’t know where to start.

Using the wrong technique could result in flat straight hair, lifeless wavy hair, or poofy, frizzy curls that lack definition. Luckily, there are several ways to get that big hair you’ve been craving.

How to Make Your Hair Fluffy and Create Voluminous Hair


Whether you’ve never attempted to add volume to your hair before or you’ve tried it dozens of times without success, the following tips will teach you how to make your hair fluffy.

Moisturize It Regularly

The difference between fluffy hair and poofy hair is the level of frizziness involved, and the main culprit that causes excessive frizz is dryness. Therefore, hydration is the first step to keep frizz at bay.

To combat dryness, start with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (here’s one of our favorites) on your wash days. The products you use should have nourishing oils, humectants, and creams.

Follow those up with light leave-in conditioners, hair oils, or hair masks to give your hair the moisture and nutrients it needs to stay smooth and strong.

Be sure to apply them when your hair is still damp. When your hair is wet, its cuticles “open up” (e.g., raise), so your hair can better absorb your products. This tip will also help you avoid “oily hair”. If you consistently struggle with oily hair, read this article to learn more about why your hair is always so oily.

Choose Your Hair Styling Products Carefully


For the fluffiest hair possible, you need to choose the right styling products to keep those curls light. Heavy products will weigh them down, so don’t use anything too thick.

Mousse is a foam, so it is lightweight and airy; depending on the formulation of your specific mousse, it’ll leave your hair bouncy and fluffy. Lightweight gels and styling creams also work well.

No matter which product types you choose (gels, styling creams, mousse, etc.), it’s a good idea to stick to the ones with volumizing properties.

These give your hair a bit more body, which is a must for anyone who wants fluffy curls. There are also many styling products designed for curly hair, so stick with these whenever possible.

Use Your Styling Products Carefully

African American lady with a Sarah Jessica Parker poofy look wearing a black motorcycle jacket.

Having the right products is a good start, but you also need to use them correctly to achieve the perfect hold for those big, fluffy curls. 

  • Don’t neglect your roots. To give your hair the lift you’re looking for, use your volumizing mousse at the roots first before raking it through the rest of your hair. This keeps your roots and edges laid. Then use your gel or styling cream on the ends for more hold and less frizz. 
  • Damp hair is best. Apply your styling products to damp hair for the same reason you would for the leave-in products we described above. Not only are they absorbed better, but this also allows you to shape your curls a bit before the products dry. 
  • Take your time. Even distribution is also a must to ensure your curls have a consistent fluffy pattern.
  • Don’t overuse your styling products. Too much could weigh down your hair and give it a greasy feel. Follow the instructions on the product label carefully, adding more product to your hair only when necessary to avoid making your hair greasy.
  • Experiment. Everyone’s hair reacts to products differently. You may find that a specific product combination works better for your hair than others. So, don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Lift Your Roots

Women laughing with her eyes closed wearing a curly brown hairstyle.

For the fluffiest hair possible, you want to focus mainly on your roots. Lifting this area helps to give your hair the volume it needs.

As well as using those styling products we mentioned above, you can use some other methods to lift your hair as it is drying. This keeps those curls from lying flat against your scalp once they are completely dry.

Duck Bill Clips

One way to give your hair the proper lift is by using some handy hair accessories. Duckbill clips are a great option since you can clip them wherever you like to add some much-needed volume.

Most ladies place them on the roots of the hair at the crown of their head. Be sure to clip these in on their sides rather than flat against your scalp. This method will create a natural lift. 

Leave the clips in until your hair is 100% dry, then remove them. Use your fingers to gently massage those roots to loosen up the curls and shape them as you see fit.

Headband or Scrunchie

If you don’t have any duckbill clips on hand, you can use a headband, hair tie, or a large scrunchie to create a ponytail. Tie it as loosely as possible to lift the hair without flattening your curls.

This style/volumizing method is known as a “pineapple.” 

Just as you would with duckbill clips, leave the headband or scrunchie in your hair until it is dry. Then remove the accessory, massage your roots, and shape those curls with your fingers.

Drying Your Hair

Smiling female wearing a root lifting wavy hairstyle.

Grabbing a blow dryer and blasting your curls in every direction can ruin their shape, cause a vast amount of frizz and make your hair poofy. That’s why it is best to let your hair air-dry at its own speed.

Not only will you avoid poofy tresses, but this process also keeps your hair in the shape you’ve already created with your styling products without drying out your strands. You can also help maintain their shape by scrunching them upward as they dry for even more curls.

If you can’t wait for your hair to air dry, you can always blow dry your hair. Just be sure to use your diffuser attachment with your hair dryer.

Stick to the lowest heat setting to remove the excess moisture from your hair without ruining those gorgeous curls. Low heat is best to reduce dehydration and limit frizz.

Never Sleep on Wet Hair

Nothing kills volume quicker than sleeping on wet hair. Doing so creates flat spots on whichever side you’re lying on. You’ll end up with thin-looking areas and thick areas that make your hair look like an uneven mess. 

That’s why it is best to make sure your hair is as dry as possible before you get into bed for the night. Even lying down on the couch for a few minutes can affect how your hair dries, so try to stay upright as much as possible.

If you notice any flat areas as your hair is drying, scrunch it with your hands to encourage those curls to come back. You can also twist tiny sections around your fingers to create a curl.

Larger sections can be coiled into small buns and held in place using bobby pins. Leave the little buns in place for about 10 minutes, then let those soft ringlets loose.

Spot Treat Your Curls

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Once your hair is dry, it should have the volume you’re looking for. Of course, there may be some curls that need a bit of extra help. Focusing on them individually is a must to ensure you achieve a uniform final result. 

Take small curls and separate them into even smaller ones using your fingers. Not only does this give you more of those gorgeous curls, but it also adds to the volume of your hair for an even fluffier look.

Do this all over your head wherever larger curls are clumped together. If you have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to create voluminous curls.

Use a Pick

A hair pick can help increase the volume wherever you need it. To use one of these handy tools, lift small sections of hair.

Use the pick on the underside of each section and gently lift in an upward motion. This creates volume beneath the curls, lifting them higher on your head.

Don’t use the pick on the top of the hair or the ends since this will cause an unsightly frizzy mess. You don’t need to tease your entire head, either. Focus on the areas that look limper to even out the shape of your fluffy hair.

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In my experience, regardless of whether you have long or short hair, the eight tips listed above will help you achieve a big, fluffy, voluminous head of curls. But what if none of these tips work for you?

Here’s the thing; since everyone’s hair is different (e.g., natural texture, hair type, etc.), it may be helpful to experiment with some new products or techniques in order to get your desired look.

If all else fails, don’t give up! There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here; just keep trying until you find something that works best for YOU.