Can You Sell Used Hair Extensions? DIY How-To Guide for Beginners

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Do you have old hair extensions that you don’t know what to do with? Many of us do.

Depending on the quality of your extensions, you may be considering putting them up for sale. If you’re wondering whether you can sell used hair extensions, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll give you helpful information on whether selling used hair extensions is permitted, the options you have for reselling, and a bit about the resale process. Let’s get right into it. 

Can You Sell Used Hair Extensions?

You can sell used hair extensions, and it’s becoming more and more common. After all, new hair extensions can be expensive, so getting some money back on your investment is a big win. The main thing to be sure of, though, is that the hair extensions are clean and in good condition. No one will want to buy tattered, smelly old hair extensions

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Where to Sell Hair Extensions

Luckily, when it comes to selling used hair extensions, you have several options to explore. In this section, we will reveal to you several places you can sell your used hair extensions


eBay is an e-commerce platform that’s home to new and used items, and hair extensions are not excluded. If you search eBay for used hair extensions, you’ll be met with hundreds of results. You’ll find used natural hair bundles, virgin hair ponytails, and even freshly cut human hair.

While some find used hair extensions unclean, others don’t mind freshening up and using used hair if they only paid a fraction of the price for it.

You may sell your hair using eBay’s auction feature, where you set a starting bid and sell to the highest bidder, or you can set a firm price and allow buyers to purchase it right then and there at that price.

Note that there are also new hair extensions for sale on the site, so you may be competing with those vendors.

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Mercari is another excellent platform to sell your used hair extensions. The platform is like eBay in a sense, since you’re able to sell your used and new items to buyers all over the world.

You can sell your used hair to a local buyer or ship it to non-local buyers. To create a listing, all you need to do is upload a picture of the hair, write a short description about it, and set your price. Buyers will then contact you if they are interested. The hair buyer may buy the hair outright or contact you to submit an offer. 

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The Poshmark platform is geared towards a much younger demographic, which is good for you if you’re trying to sell trendy extensions (super long ponytail, glam wigs, etc.). On Poshmark, you’ll find new and pre-owned clothing items, accessories, and much more.

Post a couple of photos, a description, and the price you want for the hair. People can make lower offers if the price you set is too high. 

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Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook account, you probably know about the Facebook Marketplace. In the Facebook Marketplace, you can search for hair extensions, old and new. You can list your used hair for local pickup or shipping.

Listing your used hair on the Facebook Marketplace is super easy. Just upload a few good photos of the hair, a short description, and the price you’re willing to accept for it. Buyers can message you to ask you questions about the hair and negotiate a price. 

If you’re not normally an active Facebook user, we recommend checking your listing at least twice a week (ideally more) to engage with users that are interested in your hair extensions.

Black girl with bouncy ombre curls after using argan oil and leave-in conditioner styling products is a hair extension vendor that primarily sells new hair, but there’s a section of their site reserved for lightly worn human hair extensions.

People are more likely to pay more for used hair here than on other platforms, given the measures taken to ensure that the hair is of good quality.

To list your hair on, you have to follow pretty strict guidelines. First, you’ll need to fill out their questionnaire form and send it back to them.

They will then follow up with you within two days and let you know if your used hair is approved for listing. If your hair is approved, they will send you a label and then see that the hair gets sold. They take a 15% commission on each hair sale and they pay via PayPal. 

Since takes a 15% commission, you might save money using other platforms. Other we like the interface of, and it’s certainly worth using if you can find the right buyer using their platform.

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You really can sell anything on Craigslist, used hair extensions included. Depending on where you live, people may not be selling used hair extensions, but that gives you an edge.

List your used hair extensions on Craigslist and see what happens. You never know who’s looking for exactly what you’re selling.

It could take a few hours to sell your hair or even months, but you never know until you create a listing. All it takes is a picture of your hair, a short description, and a price.

Things to Know Before Selling Hair Extensions 

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If you’ve never sold used hair extensions before, there are some things that you need to know before you get started. Knowing the ins and outs of selling used hair extensions can help save you time and frustration.

Your Product Images are Everything

It’s crucial to make sure that your used hair looks as good as possible. If it’s tangled and dirty-looking, no one will want it. So, take your time and give the hair a good wash, condition, and detangling session. If needed, we also recommend trimming away any obvious split-ends.

You may be surprised at how good the hair can look. Only then should you take pictures of it. Also, you should take a picture of the hair against a contrasting background.

If the hair is blonde, take a photo against a dark background so that potential buyers can see the hair clearly. Vice versa, if the hair is black, take the picture in front of a light background. 

Your Used Hair Should Be in Good Condition

No one wants to buy trash. If you think that you’re used hair is no longer wearable, chances are you won’t find a buyer. So, if your hair has seen way better days and really belongs in the trash, maybe it’s best that you put it there.

If you’re not too keen on doing that, you could also donate your hair to a charitable organization that can recycle it and create a new hairpiece for someone in need. You can donate it to Wigs for Kids or The Wig Station

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Make Sure That the Hair Is Human Hair

Synthetic hair rarely holds its value after it’s been worn. So, if your hair is synthetic, it’s best to either recycle it or throw it away. Since synthetic hair doesn’t last very long in the first place, it won’t be of much value to anyone else after you’ve used it.

If your hair is human hair, that’s good. Since human hair comes from human donors, it can last quite a long time with proper care, so it may be of use to someone else even if you’ve got no use for it. 

For human hair, it’s good to include as many details as possible in the product’s listing. For example, the original owner avoided heat styling (e.g., curling irons), maintained a smoke-free environment, or ate a healthy diet, those details would be good to include in the listing.

Be Flexible on the Price

The value of hair extensions can vary from person to person, and perhaps even more so when we’re talking about used hair. You may think that your used hair bundles are worth much more than the next person does.

So, if your main goal is to sell your hair, it’s best to keep the price negotiable whenever possible. That way, you can consider lesser offers vs. missing out on those who keep it moving because you’ve set the price higher than they’re willing to pay. 

Don’t focus entirely on how much money you can make, but instead focus on generating interest and seeing how much people are willing to pay.

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We hope that this article has given you all the information you need to sell your used hair extensions online or in person. When you get that hair off your hands, you’ll have some extra cash to get more extensions or treat yourself to something else you’ll love. Good luck!

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