The Baggy Method Is a Common Moisturizing Technique

baggy methodThe baggy method (sometimes spelled baggie method) or baggy hair method is a moisturizing technique that many naturals use as a consistent part of their natural hair regimen.

So, how do you baggy your natural hair?

The baggy method can be done on the entire head (i.e., full head baggy method) or only on the ends of your hair – like a pony tail (ponytail only baggy method). The bagging process entails moisturizing your hair and then covering it with a shower cap, plastic bag, or some other type of head covering (bagging).

What are the benefits of the bagging?

We often say that it’s important to increase the number of good things that you do for your hair, while you decrease the number of bad things that you do to your hair. Bagging relies on your body heat and utilizes moisture that would typically evaporate under normal conditions. This moisture remain a liquid ready to be utilized by the hair strands when needed. When done properly, the method can help reduce dryness. Some women attest to several additional benefits from bagging – like mitigating split-ends and breakage. It’s also worth noting that some women experience itching during bagging or soaking wet hair after bagging. So, there could be a few moments of trial and error if you decide to give this method a try.

Can you use the baggy method for hair growth?

Many women claim that the baggy method encourages hair growth. We haven’t been able to find any scientific evidence that supports this claim. If we find a comprehensive case study that demonstrates hair growth results contributed to bagging, we will update this article. So far substantiated before and after documentation with pictures is nonexistent.

Which type of bag can be used?

You can use various household items, including sandwich bags, plastic shower caps, saran wrap and shopping bags.

How to apply a full head baggy method?

Moisturize your hair by using your favorite moisturizer. Place a bag (or baggie) on your hair. You can utilize this method at any time – during the day or night. If you use the method during the day, then you can use a head cover, like a scarf or netting to cover the bag or wrap. If you have short natural hair, you’ll likely decide to use the full head baggy method. If your hair is longer, then the ponytail method or the full head method can be used. Note that some women decide to wet their hair with water prior to applying a moisturizing product, others decide modify the method in various other ways. So, there really isn’t “right” way to baggy the hair; use the concepts outlined in this article to find out if the process works for your hair.

Ponytail Baggy Method

This method usually involves separating your hair in sections, usually between 2 – 4 sections, and applying your favorite moisturizer to the ends of your hair. Then, cover each section with saran wrap or plastic wrap. Note: The method can also be done with one ponytail also.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s critical that you don’t only focus on moisturizing during your natural hair journey. You should consider balancing moisture and protein for your hair. Furthermore, you will need to determine the duration that works best for your hair. It’s probably best to start small, maybe a couple of hours, and then analyze the results. Some naturals have reportedly used the baggy method overnight and seen good results. So, you will need to play around with the method a little to find the right length of time for your hair.

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