When a Guy Compliments Your Hair What Does It Mean? Does He Touch It?

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“Nice hair.” Has there ever been a more loaded statement? When a guy of interest compliments your hair, you probably respond with a simple “thank you.”

But as you think deeper about it, you realize that there could’ve been something deeper hidden in that compliment.

When a Guy Compliments Your Hair What Does It Mean?

If you’re wracking your brain trying to figure out if this boy is into you or not, it can be comforting to know that many women have done this before you.

But the question remains – how do you pinpoint what he really means by it? In this article, we’ll reveal what he might be trying to convey to you. 

He Actually Likes Your Hair

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The truth is, though most men are usually not in tune with hairstyles and other fashion-related matters, you may have come across one that knows good hair. In that case, he is complimenting your hair because he thinks it looks good!

This is most likely to be the case if he hasn’t shown you any individual attention or dropped any other signs that he’s interested in you. 

Here are some additional signs that the guy simply likes your hair: 

  • He’s shown interest in other people’s hair in the past. 
  • He seems like he grooms himself well. 
  • He is great fashion sense and keeps up with the latest hair trends. 

He’s Trying To Be Nice

Some guys are just nice people who try to make others’ days. If that’s the type of guy you’re around, he could be just trying to be nice.

Think back to when he complimented you: was the exchange short and sweet without any extra effort (e.g., body language or additional comments)? If so, there’s probably not much more to it. 

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He’s Interested in You

You may have had a hunch, and it could be right! When a guy compliments you, it could 100% mean that the guy likes you. The way to know for sure is to not only consider the words he said but his non-verbal mannerisms as he said it (e.g., body language).

Here are some non-verbal cues he may have exhibited if he’s infatuated with you: 

  • He touched your hair. We’re not talking about a pat on the top of the head. We’re talking about twisting your hair around his fingers or stroking it sensually. This usually a sure sign that he’s interested in you and potentially wants a relationship.
  • He smiled mischievously. If the guy in question is confident and interested in you, he might throw in a sly smile during or after the compliment. 
  • He had a huge smile on his face. Some guys are smiley, to begin with, but if he smiled wide while complimenting your hair, there could be a little extra interest there. 
  • He looked right into your eyes. Eye contact is one of the most reliable signs of non-verbal attraction. If he stared at you for an extended amount of time while he was complimenting you, you’ve probably got an admirer. 
  • His nose was flared. Some men may not even be aware of this subconscious mannerism, but their nostrils may flare noticeably when men are interested in a woman. Studies consistently prove and most experts believe that men do flare their nostrils to take in a higher dose of your pheromones. This is common sign that the guy likes you.
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He Wants Something from You

Some people are opportunists, going through their lives trying to take whatever they can from others by any means. We like to think we can spot an opportunist from a mile away, but some are really good at their game. 

Compliments help others let down their guard, and opportunists often use this tactic to take advantage of others. Here are some signs that he complimented you for this reason: 

  • He’s been robotically agreeing with everything you say. 
  • The hair compliment is just one of dozens of compliments you got from him in a night. 
  • You’re his higher-up, like his boss or supervisor, and he’s new to the company. It’s in his best interest to get on your good side.
  • He asked you for something after telling you how nice your hair looked. 

Note: This tactic can be used by anyone even if they’re not the opposite sex. For example, if a woman compliments you and says, “your hair looks cute.” Cute implies (or could imply) many different things, so these same techniques or signs should be used to discern the reason regardless of gender. Paying attention to other clues (e.g., if they’ve said other “sweet things about your physical features” in the past), could help you understand the meaning behind the compliment(s).

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He’s Fishing for Compliments

Insecure people fish for compliments, and one of the best ways to get compliments is to shower someone else with them in the hope that they return the favor.

Most people don’t like to be around people like this because they can come off as disingenuous. Here are some other signs that he’s fishing for compliments: 

  • He says negative things about himself. 
  • He looks like he’s waiting for you to say something after he’s complimented you. 
  • If you compliment him back, he rejects it. This is a tactic to get you to keep the compliments coming.
  • He shows signs of low self-esteem, including: 
    • He slumps in his chair.
    • He’s generally quiet and doesn’t speak with confidence. 
    • He doesn’t look right at you when he speaks to you. 

He Noticed You Changed Your Hair

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We often hear wives complain that their husbands don’t notice when they change their hair. But the truth is that they often do notice hair changes.

When you rock a big, voluminous twist out after rocking your go-to bun for a week, he may recognize it and compliment you just because he noticed it.

When it comes to his overall motive, it can vary. He could have mentioned your hair change just because he was bored, or because he’s interested in you. 

Here are some signs that simply noticed a change in your hairdo and complimented you:

  • You usually wear your hair one way and recently rocked a new do’. 
  • When he looked at your hair, he looked surprised. 
  • The tone he used while delivering the compliment was super upbeat and almost giddy. 
  • He moved on to something else right after the comment. 

Though noticing your hair color change doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you, it does mean that he pays attention to you. 

He’s Trying To Lift Your Spirits

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Guys also compliment a woman’s hair to lift her spirits. They know that if you feel good about how you look, you may feel better overall.

If you know a guy well and he knows that you’re going through a rough time, there’s a good chance that the compliment is meant to cheer you up. Here are more signs he’s trying to lift your spirits: 

  • You just shared something unfortunate about yourself or have a generally low disposition. 
  • When the guy complimented you, he had a look of empathy on his face. 
  • He patted you on your shoulder as he was complimenting you. 

Note: Just because he was trying to lift your spirits doesn’t mean that he’s not also attracted to you. 

What To Do After a Guy Compliments Your Hair

A mixed-race female is texting one of her guy friends about what's he wearing tonight to a company party.

After a guy compliments your hair, you’ve got a couple of choices as to how you can react. If you’re interested in the guy and think that he could be interested in you, return the compliment.

Make him feel good about himself too. It’ll help you two build a rapport and set the stage for positive exchanges going forward. 

If you’re not interested in the guy or have decided that his intentions are less than pure, you can also take steps in that direction. You can just say “thank you” and get on with your business. 

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If you are still unsure what a guy means when he compliments your hair, you can always rely on your communication skills. For example, if a guy calls your hair “cute”, just ask the guy why he made that comment.

He just might tell you exactly what he meant. But you should only do this if you can find a non-awkward way to bring it up. If you’re too direct, you could scare him away. 

As you have probably gathered, there are many ways to interpret a hair compliment from a guy. We hope that this article has given you all the information you were looking for. Good luck!

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