What Is a Melted Hairline Wig? How Long Do Melted Hairline Wigs Last?

A fashionable African woman with natural-looking baby hairs is wearing a lace front wig.

Wig installation methods are continually evolving with the purpose of making wigs look hyper-realistic. That’s why more and more people are hearing about melted hairline wigs. And you’d do well to learn all you can about them – doing so could enable you to up your wig game to crazy heights.

So, what is a melted hairline wig? If you want to know more about melted hairline wigs, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What Is a Melted Hairline Wig?

Melted hairline wigs are natural looking and seamless, driving the illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp. Since the lace has so firmly adhered to your skin, your installation should last one to 6 weeks. By comparison, a wig installed without melting will last for just a few days.

The term “melting a wig” refers to a specific installation method. It involves saturating the visible lace with an adhesive, like holding spray or gel, and drying it. The product makes the lace flat and translucent, so a melted hairline lets the wig lace look like it’s disappearing into your skin.

A young African woman is wearing a natural hairline lace front wig with mid-back wig length.

Melted hairline wigs are wigs manufactured to look like they’re already melted. They have features like:

  • Transparent lace – Transparent lace takes on the look of a human scalp.
  • Sideburns – Sideburns are pre-cut and meant to fall in front of your ears, further pushing the natural aesthetic.
  • Pre-plucked hairline – Plucking gives your hairline a natural gradient without unnatural bulkiness.
  • Baby hairs – Baby hairs are used to further camouflage the line between the lace and your skin.
  • Pre-attached elastic band – An elastic band is usually attached to the sides of the front of the wig and goes around the back of your head to secure the wig with no shifting.

Having these features already built into your wig makes the melting process a lot easier. For melted hairline wigs, all you’ll need to do is take the wig out of the box, cut away the excess lace, and put the unit on your head.

A fashionable black girl with a completely pre-plucked hairline is wearing a wig with a natural finish.

Can You Melt a Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs are a popular option for many people because of their low prices and variety. But unfortunately, not all of them can be melted. Some synthetic wigs are heat safe, while others are not. Using a hot blow dryer on a non-heat-safe synthetic wig can cause some of the fibers to melt together and ruin the overall style. 

So, before you decide to melt a synthetic wig, make sure that it’s heat safe. If it isn’t, keep your blowdryer on a cooler heat setting and avoid aiming it in one spot for too long. As long as you take those precautions, you can melt your synthetic wig just like you would a human hair wig!  

A young black female wearing a wig with an outre melted hairline made from premium synthetic fibers.

How Do You Melt Down a Wig?

Melting your hairline can leave you with fantastic-looking results. However, the application method can be time-consuming and requires a lot of steps. So in this section, we’ll break things down to make the process more beginner friendly.

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Gather Your Materials

Before you start melting your wig, you’ll want to get your supplies ready. Here’s what you’ll need. 

A beautiful black woman with a stylish handbag wearing a melted hairline HD wig.

Prepare Your Hair and Wig

Before applying your wig, braid, twist, or pull back your natural hair. Gather the length of your hair into a tight, low bun, and secure it with a few bobby pins. The goal is to flatten it as much as possible so your wig doesn’t look lumpy or bulky.

Next, it’s time to work on your lace front. If your wig still has excess lace, remove it with a razor or pair of scissors. Then, brush or comb through the wig to get rid of any tangles. 

Some lace fronts are too dense around the perimeter, which can make the unit look artificial and “wiggy.” So if needed, use a pair of tweezers to thin out the hairline and give it a more realistic look.

As a final touch, you can apply a thin layer of concealer to the underside of the lace. That will help match your skin tone and create a more natural-looking result. 

A black female with a seamless hairline is wearing a fashionable outre melted hairline lace wig with a lift-free fit.

Apply Your Wig Cap

Select a wig cap that closely matches your skin tone and gently stretch it onto your head. Pull down the edges of the cap so they cover your ears and sit just above your eyebrows. Cut a small hole above each ear and gently pull them through the holes.

Keep in mind that while you can always go back and make the holes larger, you won’t be able to make them smaller. So, begin with a small hole and gradually widen it if needed.

Lace front wigs are translucent, so if your wig cap doesn’t perfectly match your complexion, use your preferred concealer to blend it into your skin. Make sure you apply the concealer to any part of the wig cap that will be visible under the lace. 

Layer the Adhesive

Apply a thin layer of glue, hair gel, or holding spray around the perimeter of your hairline, and blow dry it until dry. Then, repeat the process to ensure the cap is secure and won’t lift.

Starting from one of the ear holes, cut around your hairline until you’ve removed all of the excess cap material. When you finish, the cap’s edge should be completely glued to your hairline, creating a seamless transition between the cap and your skin. 

A charming woman with ginger brown hair and beautiful facial features wearing an HD lace front wig with a deep parting in the middle.

Put on Your Wig

Grab the wig by both ear tabs and slide it onto your head. Make sure that both sides of the hairline match up. If your wig has adjustable straps or wig clips, tighten them until your wig feels secure. For an even more secure fit, you can add a few bobby pins or wig clips to the perimeter of your wigs.

Melt the Lace

Working with small, inch-wide sections, apply a generous amount of adhesive to your hairline. Give the section a minute or two to air dry. When it becomes tacky, lower the wig down and use your fingers or a comb to press the lace into your adhesive.

Next, use a blow dryer to set and dry the adhesive. 

Move to either side and repeat the process on the next inch-wide section until you’ve completed your entire hairline. Once your wig is laid down, use a blow dryer to heat and melt the hairline into your skin until you’re confident that the gel, glue, or spray has thoroughly dried. 

A lady with dark brown hair walked outside wearing a mid-back lace front wig length styled with a wide-tooth comb.

Style Your Lace Wig

Ready for the fun part? After you finish melting your wig, it’s ready to style. You can style it however you like. Just be careful not to pull or tug at it too roughly, or you’ll lift the lace.

Many wig-wearers trim the hairs around the hairline to create edges. Then, they apply glue to the edges and use an edge brush or toothbrush to lay them down and create a flattering design. Whether you do this is entirely up to you.

The Pros and Cons of a Melting Hairline

Now that you know what it takes to melt a hairline, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the effort. We’ll examine the pros and cons of melting your hairline to help you decide.  

Pros of a Melted Hairline

  • The melting method gives you a much more secure wig installation. 
  • Wig installs with melted hairlines tend to last longer than other application methods. 
  • Melting your hairline will give you more styling freedom. 
  • A melted hairline creates a seamless transition between your wig and skin, creating a more natural-looking hairstyle. 

Cons of a Melted Hairline

  • Melting your wig is a time-consuming process.
  • Once you finish melting your hairline, you can’t go back and make adjustments. 
  • The products you use to melt your wig can cause skin irritation, hair loss, and acne.
  • Melting your hairline can cause damage to the delicate lace and shorten the lifespan of your wig.

What Do I Need to Install a Lace Front Wig?

Installing a lace front wig requires several items, such as a wig cap, wig glue or hairspray, a rat tail comb, a blow dryer, tweezers, scissors or a razor, alcohol, and a scarf. These tools help ensure a proper fit, secure the wig, and create a natural-looking hairline.

Do Wigs Damage Your Hairline?

Wigs can damage your hairline if they are improperly installed, too tight, or worn continuously without giving your natural hair a break. This constant tension and friction can lead to hair loss and breakage around the hairline.

How Do You Wear a Wig Without Damaging Your Hairline?

Wearing a wig without harming your hairline requires correct installation, using a wig cap that reduces tension, ensuring the wig is not too tight, and taking regular breaks to allow your natural hair to rest and recover from the constant pressure.

How Long Do You Leave a Melt Band on a Wig?

A melt band should be left on a wig for around 5-10 minutes, as this time frame allows the band to effectively set the style and provide a secure hold without causing harm to the wig or your natural hairline.

How Do You Make a Wig Hairline Look Real?

For a realistic wig hairline, use a wig with transparent lace, customize the hairline by plucking and thinning to match your natural hairline, cut the lace neatly, apply concealer to blend the lace into your skin, and style baby hairs to further camouflage the lace and create a seamless look.

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If you’ve been looking for a way to take your regular wig installation to the next level, a melted hairline just might be the solution! This method leaves you with a seamless, natural-looking finish that has some serious staying power.

While there are drawbacks, such as potentially damaging your skin and hair, the benefits are more than worth it for many wig wearers. Whether you’ve chosen to give melting your hairline a try or not, we hope this article has been helpful!

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