How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting Your Face Wet?

Black women with blonde curly hair and freckles wearing a gray tank top and pink lipstick

Whether you’ve just finished putting on a full face of makeup or you’ve got a new facial piercing, dirty hair looks good on no one. So, being that there’s no way around it, you’ve got to wash your hair. The key is knowing how to wash it without getting your face wet.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting Your Face Wet?

To wash your hair without wetting your face, use a plastic visor or ShowrShield for face protection, opt for an adjustable shower head for controlled rinsing, apply dry shampoo to tackle oiliness, or wash your hair leaning forward and to the side to avoid splashes.

Key Takeaways

  • Plastic Visor for Dry Face: Use a plastic visor to keep your face dry while washing your hair. Position the visor at your hairline and face away from the showerhead, although this approach may not provide complete protection.
  • Adjustable Shower Head for Controlled Washing: An adjustable shower head allows for targeted rinsing, reducing the risk of getting your face wet. Keep your water pressure moderate for better control.
  • ShowrShield for Complete Face Protection: The ShowrShield, a plastic face shield, offers full protection from water. It’s adjustable and reusable, designed to prevent water from reaching the face during hair washing or showering.
  • Dry Shampoo for Oil Control: Dry shampoo is effective for managing excess oil in the hair, especially for those with curly or coily hair. It should be used sparingly, focusing on the roots without brushing or combing.
  • Leaning Forward Method: You can wash your hair by leaning forward and to the side to prevent water from reaching your face. This method requires careful water temperature control and slow, deliberate movements to avoid splashes.

How to Wash Hair Without Getting Face Wet

Next, we’ll fill you in on several ways that you can get your hair clean and keep your face dry. You’re welcome in advance!

1. Plastic Visor


A plastic visor is one of the easiest hacks to use when trying to keep your face dry during a shampooing session. If you have one lying around, that’s great – if you don’t, you can get yours for an affordable price at various online retailers or your local Walmart. 

Here’s How to Use It:

  • Put the visor over your head and around your neck. 
  • Flip your hair over and push the visor upward so that it’s right in front of your hairline and all of your hair is directed backward. 
  • Face away from your shower head as you wash your hair so that the water won’t get in your face.

While the visor may be helpful in a pinch, it may not give you 100% protection. If you don’t want to touch up your makeup a tad afterward, you should go with a different remedy. 

2. Adjustable Shower Head

An adjustable showerhead (or shower attachment) can give you some much-needed control when washing your hair. Instead of washing your hair the traditional way, take the showerhead in your hand and tilt your head back whenever you need to rinse your hair.

It’s easy to spray yourself in the face with an adjustable shower head, especially when the water pressure is high. So, if you’re using an adjustable shower head, don’t turn the water on full force. This will give you more control. 

The only downside with this method is that it may take you a while to finish washing your hair. Although, the plus is that you’ll only splash your face if you rush. 

3. ShowrShield

Shield Claims To Protect Your Makeup In The Shower | Beauty Or Bust

The ShowrShield is a plastic shield that takes its inspiration from the visor. It is sold on Etsy and comes with a guarantee that it’ll keep your face dry in the shower.

The band has an adjustable strap for a custom fit, and the clear shield comes down the front of the face to provide full protection from the water.

Its proprietary design prevents water from dripping on your face from the inside of the shield, as well. Another plus is that the shield is reusable and affordable on virtually any budget. 

All you need to do to reap the benefits is put it on your head before washing your hair. Click here for current pricing and to read recent reviews of the ShowrShield.

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4. Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is usually marketed toward people with straight or wavy hair, as their hair gets oily often. Curly girls don’t usually have greasy hair problems, being that our scalp oils can’t easily travel down curly hair strands.

However, you can use dry shampoo if you’ve applied too much oil to your hair or if it’s looking greasy for any other reason. If you’re wearing your hair in its curly state, choose a dry shampoo that doesn’t require you to brush or comb your hair. If you’re wearing your hair straight, you can use a dry shampoo of your choice. 

How to Use Dry Shampoos

When using dry shampoo on curly hair, it’s crucial not to overapply it. Follow the below instructions to get rid of your hair’s oiliness: 

  • Part your hair into several sections to ensure even product coverage. 
  • Use alligator clips to keep the sections separate. 
  • Hold the can of dry shampoo at least 8 inches away from your head. 
  • Spray the oily parts of your hair in quick, short bursts, focusing on the roots and any other oily parts. 
  • Wait a minute or so to determine whether the product is working. 

After following the above instructions, your hair should look and feel cleaner than it did before, and your makeup will remain intact! 

5. Lean Forward and to the Side

Another thing you can try to keep your face dry while washing your hair is to wash it with your head leaning forward and to the side.

It may seem challenging to wash your hair this way, but it can be easily done with some preparation. Take the following steps to wash your hair in this manner: 

  • Gather all of your washing supplies (towel, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) and put them on the side. If you’re right-handed, put your supplies on the right, and vice versa. Being able to see and reach for them easily will reduce your chances of wetting up your face. 
  • Take your time to set your water at the right temperature. You don’t want to have to fiddle with it later on while you’re trying to keep the water from touching your face. 
  • Lean forward and flip your hair upside down. 
  • When you put your hair under the water, be sure that your head is turned sideways. That way, the water won’t drip onto your face. 
  • Wash your hair slowly and carefully. Don’t apply too much shampoo or conditioner – this will prevent the possibility of drips. 

For this washing method, ensure that the water is not too hot, or else the steam will cause your makeup to run. 

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6. Use an Inflatable Shampoo Basin

If you have someone to help you shampoo your hair, try using an inflatable shampoo basin. It’s an inflatable sink (of sorts) that you can fill with water, place on the floor, and wash your hair in.

Here’s How to Use One:

  • Fill the basin up with air. 
  • Add water to the basin. You can use a hose, cups, or pots and pans to do so. 
  • Get a towel to place around your shoulders. 
  • Shampoo and condition your hair using the water in the basin. You may need to refill the basin once or twice throughout the shampoo session. That’s why a helper comes in handy.
  • Empty and deflate the basin after you’re done washing your hair. 

We recommend that you take your time when washing your hair in a shampoo basin. If you splash the water as you’re washing, it could end up on your face and ruin your makeup. 

Note: Some inflatable shampoo basins come with cancer warnings due to the materials used during manufacturing.

If you’ll be shopping online, check the listing information for the basin you’d like to purchase. You could also use a regular sink to wash your hair if you don’t have a shampoo basin.

7. Use the Waterfall Setting on Your Showerhead

If you have a waterfall showerhead, you are one of the lucky ones. The waterfall setting will make the water come out in a stream with minimal splashes.

If you shower with the showerhead on this setting, you can simply wash your hair with your back to the showerhead. 

8. Use a Shower Cap on Your Face

We admit this is one of the more unorthodox methods to wash your hair without getting your face wet.

Grab a plastic shower cap, cut a few holes for your mouth and nose, and wash your hair as you usually would. Just be sure to keep the shower short because it can get hot in there! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we answer your common questions about washing hair without wetting your face. Find quick, straightforward solutions to make your hair care routine easier and more comfortable.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting the Rest of Your Body Wet?

To wash hair without wetting the rest of your body, lean over a sink or bathtub, keeping your body away from the water flow. Use a handheld showerhead or a water jug to pour water only on your hair. Secure long hair with clips to manage excess water and avoid splashing.

How Do I Wash My Hair Without Getting My Ears Wet?

To wash hair without wetting your ears, use a flexible rim or protective gear around your ears. Tilt your head backward to direct the water stream away from your ears, and carefully apply shampoo and rinse using a handheld showerhead or jug to control water flow.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting It in Your Eyes?

Tilt your head backward and use a visor or protective goggles to prevent water and shampoo from getting into your eyes when washing your hair. This approach keeps your face, including your eyes, dry and protected. Rinse carefully, directing the water flow away from your forehead and eyes.

How Do You Keep Soap Out of Your Eyes When Washing Your Hair?

To keep soap out of your eyes, apply shampoo gently, avoiding the forehead and eyes. Tilt your head back while rinsing, using a handheld showerhead for controlled water flow. A protective visor or goggles can also shield your eyes from soap and water.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting in the Shower?

Use a sink or bathtub to wash your hair without getting in the shower. Lean over, keeping your hair over the basin or tub. Wet and rinse your hair using a jug or detachable showerhead, ensuring water only touches your hair and not your body.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting Your Eyebrows Wet?

To wash your hair without getting your eyebrows wet, use a headband or protective visor to cover your forehead and eyebrows. Lean back or tilt your head backward while washing, directing the water stream away from your face and eyebrows.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting Your Lashes Wet?

To wash your hair without wetting your lashes, avoid direct water flow on your face. Use a visor or protective eyewear to shield your eyes and lashes. Tilt your head backward and carefully rinse your hair to prevent water from reaching your lashes.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting Your Neck Wet?

To wash hair without getting your neck wet, tilt your head back and use a handheld showerhead or jug for targeted rinsing. Avoid letting water flow down your head and neck, and use a towel around your neck to absorb any stray splashes.

How Do I Wash My Hair Without Getting My Eyes Wet?

To wash your hair without getting your eyes wet, use a protective visor or goggles to shield your eyes. Tilt your head backward while washing and rinsing, directing the water flow away from your face to keep your eyes dry.

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A black woman with blonde curly hair and freckles, wearing a gray tank top and pink lipstick

Using a ShowrShield may be our favorite tip for washing your hair without getting your face wet, although each one of these tips has its own pros and cons. The most important thing is to do what works for you. You can combine one, two, or three of these tips to maximize your face protection if you’d like. 

You can have clean hair and a beat face. We’re sure that one or more of these tips will enable you to wash your hair without worrying about ruining your makeup, micro-bladed brows, or new piercings. We hope that these tips are helpful to you!

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