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What Are the Best Hair Shears for Trimming Your Hair?

hair shears

The best hair shears were created with the express purpose of cutting or trimming your hair.

There are several synonyms associated with hair shears. They are also called hair-cutting shears, hairdressing scissors, and barber shears.

There are a few characteristics that differentiate the best hair shears from regular scissors. To start with, they are much sharper.

There are also a few design elements that make using shears exceptionally easy to use while trimming hair.

For example, connected to one of the finger rings is a tang or brace. This design helps the user to exert more control during the hair cutting process.

The Best Hair Shears: Based on Experience, Reviews & Social Proof

Equinox Hair Cutting Barber ShearsCurl Centric recommends the Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series. If you’re short time of time, you can’t go wrong with these shears. The Equinox Professional Razor Edge is 6.5 inches long and made of Japanese stainless steel. Click this link to see check current pricing.

Included Below Are Several More Top Rated Hair Cutting Shears That We Like:

Can you cut your hair with something other than hair shears? For example, can you use paper scissors to trim your hair?

Also, will cutting your hair with anything other than hair scissors caused problems.

We Recommend Trimming Exclusively With Dedicated Scissors

best hair shears reviewedWhen you’re ready to trim your hair, we don’t recommend using any old scissors that you have laying around the house.

We only recommend two options: (1) purchase quality hair shears or (2) use a sharp pair of regular scissors that you only use for trimming your hair.

If you decide to use an old, blunt pair of scissors, your hair cut will be jagged and you may damage your cuticles.

If you use dedicated paper scissors that are sharp to cut your hair, you will most likely end up with clean cuts.

However, hair shears are still preferable, because they make it easier to cut thicker hair. As your hair continues to grow, paper scissors will eventually make hair trimming more difficult.

The blades on regular scissors are usually thicker than the blades on the best hair shears, which means they are often not as effective at cutting hair.

Do You Have to Spend a Lot of Money on Shears?

No, you don’t, unless you want to cut hair for a living. Professional stylists should purchase high-quality barber scissors or hairdresser scissors, respectively.

Although, even the best scissors are relatively inexpensive (i.e., typically well under $100 ).

The more expensive hair shears often have thinner blades and are not as heavy as other options.

The more expensive hair shears often have thinner blades and are not as heavy as other options.

They also usually last longer and have the ability to be sharpened. Less expensive scissors work, although they will become blunt more quickly.

Sharp regular scissors work too, but you have to ensure that your hair does not get caught between the blades.

Whatever you use, make sure that the particular instrument you select is used only on your hair.

Do not cut fabric or work on other tasks with your hair scissors. You want them to be ready when you need to get the job done!