How Long Does Overtone Last on Dark, Light, Bleach Hair and More?

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Chances are that you or someone you know has tried Overtone on their hair at some point. After all, it is one of many hair color products that has gained mega popularity in recent years.

Although Overtone users have enjoyed countless successful hair coloring sessions, some have been left wondering how long the color results tend to last.

If you want to know how long Overtone hair color lasts, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll tell you how long Overtone lasts on several hair types, how to make it last longer, and more. 

What Is Overtone Hair Color?

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Overtone is a color depositing conditioner. It is not to be confused with hair dye. A color depositing conditioner infuses color pigment into hair strands while protecting against color fade.

Unlike hair dyes, color depositing conditioners are not harsh chemicals that destroy the cuticle to infuse color. This pigmented conditioner contains hair and scalp-friendly oils like coconut, shea butter, and avocado to preserve the integrity of each strand. 

This color depositing conditioner was initially made to maintain the vibrancy of hair that has already been professionally colored. However, Overtone’s product developers expanded their conditioner to serve as a semi-permanent hair coloring agent that can be used on chemically treated or natural hair.

Overtone’s color depositing conditioner system comes in two products. The Coloring Conditioner deposits a new hair color. It contains high pigment levels and can be used as needed to maintain hair color.

The Daily Conditioner maintains the color that the coloring conditioner provides, but it has lower pigment levels. It can be used every time hair is shampooed to boost color and keep strands looking and feeling healthy.

How Long Does Overtone Last?

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The length of time that Overtone lasts depends on several factors, including what shade of color you use, the original color of your hair, hair porosity, hair texture, and hair health.

Because each one of these elements varies from person to person, it is impossible to tell you exactly how long Overtone will last for your unique hair.

However, the following sections will give you an idea of how long you can expect Overtone to last under several common situations and conditions. 

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Light Hair

Generally, people with lighter hair enjoy greater vibrancy with Overtone than people with darker tones. But among those with light hair, other variables will still determine how long the results will last. Overall, light-haired Overtone users can expect their color to last at least 20 washes. 

In an experiment on bleached platinum blonde hair, Overtone used one Vibrant Purple Deep Treatment application. The purple color was still vivid after washing the hair once with a sulfate-free shampoo.

After 10 washes, noticeable fading had occurred. After 20 washes, the color was not as deep but it was still glowing.

Bleached Hair

Bleached hair has raised hair cuticles, allowing more pigment to be absorbed into each strand. If you have recently bleached your hair, you will likely see impressive results from just one Overtone color treatment. Overtone hair colors can last at least 20 washes on bleached hair. 

The process of bleaching often breaks down hair cuticles. This causes cuticles to be more raised, which aids in color absorption within hair strands.

Because Overtone lasts longer on bleached hair, color residue may still be present even after the treatment has begun to fade. A toning conditioner can help to return the hair to its natural color. 

Cute black girl in casual winter attire with chemically lightened hair colored with red for brown hair and pastel purple.

Dark Hair

Some people believe that attempting an Overtone color treatment on dark hair is futile. Their belief is that their hair is too dark for the color to show up. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Thousands of people with darker hair have had success with Overtone. Overtone colors including pink, orange, green, blue, purple, and red show up on dark hair. Just be aware that these colors will appear darker than they would on very light hair. 

Overtone on dark hair tends to last up to 10 washes. It can last longer if you apply color treatments more frequently and allow the color to soak into the hair longer. 

High Porosity Hair

Hair porosity is how easily the hair absorbs and releases moisture and hair products. High porosity hair more readily absorbs hair color treatments due to the structure of the cuticle of each hair strand.

High porosity hair retains Overtone color treatments much longer than low porosity hair. 

The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair strand. The more raised the cuticle layer is, the easier hair color treatments can saturate the hair.

The raised cuticles in high porosity hair allow the color to appear quicker and remain longer than in low porosity hair. This will enable high porosity hair color treatments to last at least 20 washes.

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Low Porosity Hair

Low-porosity hair does not absorb color as quickly or easily as high-porosity hair. People with low porosity hair may need to apply several color conditioning treatments to get the desired look. Depending on which Overtone shade is used and the starting color of your natural hair, Overtone may last at least 10 washes.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair has never been chemically or color-treated. It is hair in its most natural state. Fading occurs quickest on virgin hair. You can expect to start losing color in less than 10 washes.

Overtone doesn’t last long on virgin hair because of its lower porosity. The cuticle layer on virgin hair strands is closed. This makes it hard for the pigment to deposit into hair strands past the cuticle layer. The color will sit on top of the hair strands and quickly wash away after just a few washes.  

How To Make Overtone Last Longer

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Some people think that you have to get your hair colored professionally for their color result to last a significant amount of time. But Overtone can give you long-lasting color without a hassle. Continue reading to learn a few tips and tricks to make Overtone last longer. 

Wash Hair Less

After Overtone is applied to the hair, the color loses vibrancy over time, no matter what. But you can slow this process down slightly by washing your hair less often. If you’re used to washing your hair twice a week, you can cut back by cleansing it once a week.

Let Color Conditioner Sit Longer

Overtone recommends that you let the color conditioner sit for at least 10-15 minutes before shampooing and conditioning. For longer-lasting, brighter color finishes, Overtone experts encourage you to leave the Overtone coloring conditioner “in a bit longer” until you achieve the desired color.

This may take a bit of experimentation. However, you need not be afraid to leave the color in longer because Overtone coloring conditioner is usually tolerated very well by most users due to a gentle ingredients list.

Overtone coloring conditioners don’t include parabens, petrolatum, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and many other common ingredients that are avoided by curly girls.

How to Quickly Remove Overtone

Beautiful black lady with curls styled with Overtone coloring conditioner wearing winter clothes with vibrant colors.

To remove Overtone fast, you’ll want to use products that can break down the cuticle layer to extract the color. Clarifying shampoos, dye removers, and developers will all do the trick.

  • A sulfate-free clarifying shampoo will start to break down the color right away. You may need to do a few consecutive washes, so carve out plenty of time.
  • A dye remover will remove the pigment in no more than 30 minutes. Remember to shampoo immediately after using the dye remover using a clarifying shampoo.
  • As a last resort, combine moisturizing shampoo with a developer to strip pigment from the hair. This method can cause hair and scalp dryness, so condition and moisturize hair thoroughly after using this method.

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Overtone is an excellent solution for those who want to try a new hair color without the permanence of dyes or bleaching.

Overtone is very effective, but its duration will depend on your specific hair type and condition. We hope that this article helps you get the most out of your Overtone color conditioner.

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