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The Post That Natural Hair Gurus Don’t Want You to Read

natural hair gurus

The etymology behind the title of this article is a non-story. It’s simply a play on words. At any rate, today I’m going to reveal something that a few product manufacturers and natural hair gurus don’t want you to know.

Despite what many people believe, going natural and having a successful natural hair journey does not have to be difficult. It’s what we call a natural hair myth. Our motto is that natural hair care should be simple.

The truth is that natural hair care can be simple.

I was chatting with a new natural just a few days ago and was reminded about how difficult going natural can be for the average person who doesn’t know anything about natural hair.

They are immediately challenged to learn hair typing, what porosity means, the difference between pre-pooing, no-pooing, and co-washing and many other complicated terms just to communicate on many of the natural hair forums or read articles on many of the blogs.

I’m not dissing other natural hair websites; we’re just as guilty as anyone. We use a lot of complicated terminology and often times our articles aren’t written in such a way that a new natural would feel comfortable reading it.

We have put together a few resources that should help new naturals get acclimated more quickly. Like the natural hair blueprint that we discuss in our natural hair 101 article, our guide on how to go natural and the ultimate reference for natural hair terminology, but it’s obvious that we need to do more – and we will.

That’s why your feedback is so important. It helps us determine exactly what we need to create for Curl Centric.

Most Natural Hair Gurus Won’t Admit That You Are The Real “Natural Hair Guru”

If I were to ask the average person on the street why they choose not to speed when operating their vehicle, most people would say because they don’t want to receive a speeding ticket.

This is the expected answer that I believe most people would give.

However what if you heard someone say the following in response to my question: “I don’t speed because it’s safer for my family and it’s safer for the other drivers on the road.

There is less of a chance that we would be involved in a car accident. If we were in an accident, we would have a greater chance of survival.”

That’s not your standard expected response, huh?

Here’s something else that you don’t hear every day:

Natural hair gurus don’t exist.

Just so that I’m clear, there are several people putting out quality natural hair information online. Despite this fact, you must ultimately sort through this information coming at you from all angles and process it to see what works best for your hair.

If you haven’t come to this realization, you will once you realize that many naturals have beautiful hair and most of them do things differently. Some women wear protective styles, while others never do.

Some women buy hair products “manufactured” for their specific hair type, whiles others think these are just marketing scams and use whichever products they find that work best for their hair. Some women forgo the natural hair product craze all together and make their own hair products at home.

Some women create natural hair journals, while others don’t think that’s necessary. Some women understand what porosity, elasticity, and moisture-protein balancing means, while others don’t care.

You must recognize that you’re the real natural hair guru for your hair (as you should be). When reading natural hair information online, use the things which make sense to you and don’t worry about the rest.

For example, I encourage naturals to wear protective styles to improve the potential of length retention. This is a great tip for the average natural and will help the average person retain more length if they want long hair.

However, some naturals can reach their desired length retention goals (i.e. hair growth goals) without incorporating a slew of protective styles into their regimen. If that’s you – the natural hair guru inside of you should kick-in and say I don’t need to do that to reach my natural hair goals.

Remember that each head of hair is unique and it’s impossible to create the perfect natural hair regimen that is “one size fits all”.

Speaking of the Perfect Natural Hair Regimen – Bah! Humbug

Whether you believe it or not, there is not a perfect natural hair regimen that any “natural hair guru” can give you. Many sites will lead you to believe that you should wash your hair once per week or deep condition once per month.

Well – the truth is – that may not work well for you. Each step that you take within your journey should be focused on what works well for your hair.

Your Natural Hair Can Only Grow to the Extent That You Do

Maybe it was your family and friends. It could’ve been your co-workers or someone else. Maybe it’s your own personal beliefs.

The truth is many people unconsciously have limiting beliefs about the potential of their hair.

If your personal beliefs about hair care are limiting and you choose not to recognize the potential of your hair, it’s going to be more difficult for you to have the type of natural hair that you crave. What’s really holding you back?

Once you realized that you have set barriers for the success of your hair in your mind that are holding you back, you can then begin to let those things go and realize the success that is available to each natural.