The Indecent Proposal: You Might Rethink Going Natural

indecent proposalDo you remember the movie Indecent Proposal starting Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson? The plot of the movie was actually very simple. Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson were high-school sweethearts who married and were very successful economically. Demi played a highly successful real-estate agent, while Woody’s character was an architect who was widely successful in his own right. Then, an economic recession hit (sound familiar) and Woody lost his job. The couple could no longer make the mortgage payment on their house.

Swimming in debt, the couple decides to borrow $5,000 from Woody’s family. They head to Las Vegas and gamble their borrowings – the goal is to win enough money to pay off the mortgage on their house. Initially, they got lucky and were up $25,000. However, if you know anything about the casino business model, then you definitely know that the house eventually wins – especially if you keep playing. So, they lose it all.

Demi, down on her luck, was spotted by Robert Redford’s character – who was immediately attracted to her physically. He subsequently invites Demi and Woody to a lavish party where he offers Woody $1 million to spend a night with his wife.

To find out if Demi and Woody accept their indecent proposal (DVD), you’ll need to watch the movie. However, I have a proposal for you. Is it indecent? You tell me.

The Indecent ProposalThe Indecent Proposal

With the economic problems that we face today, the infamous saying “everybody’s got a price” has more meaning than ever. Let’s find out exactly how true that statement is. If you’re currently natural, how much money would it take for you to get another relaxer?

I know some of you may say, “It’s just hair and I could always big chop again later” – essentially restarting my natural hair journey. So, show me the money – but that’s too easy. I want to take that option off of the table completely.

In order for you to receive the cash payout you must continue relaxing your hair every three months for the rest of your life. If you ever decide to stop relaxing again, you must repay the money. How strong is your commitment to natural hair? Before you answer that, are you willing to forgo your personal beliefs for money? Would you start back relaxing again for $1 million? If not, how much money would it take for you to go back to relaxers?

So, does everybody really have a price? What’s your price? Leave your comments below.


  • You couldn’t pay me to relax my hair. Yeah, money is great and helpful but…what good will it do when you look like scraggly crap in the new car and clothes you can afford?! Natural hair is superior. You can’t buy the rights to how my hair will look. No way, no how, no amount. I am Team Natural for LIFE.

  • @Hello Kitty, you beat me- the thought is tempting; however, I think I would lose a little bit of who I am. It could be just me, but hair is just hair until we are talking about my hair and now it’s personal. I think I’d be giving up sooo much more than my natural hair, what if my hair does not react the way it used to and my hair fall out or something. Geez, I have just made a lifelong commitment the relaxer and now my hair is coming out. It’s to much of a risk to me… or maybe based on what I have learned thus far, I am chicken… LOL

    • @Jael I completely agree. I think most people would at least give it some thought, but it is a big risk. I would love to hear some more opinions on this. Would anyone take this deal? If not for $1 million, then how much money would it take?

  • Wow, that is a tough question. I am in the process of transitioning now. I have very long hair and it has been about 6 months so far. I don’t want to lose my length so Im trying to keep my new growth consistent with my relaxed hair. It is working wonderfully with Kay Vel Creme Press.

    I am actually beginning to love my natural hair, because I can wear it straight or curly. With a relaxer I cant do that.

    I don’t know if I would ever agree to be bound by the chemical again. It’s almost like a ball and chain that I choose not to carry around the rest of my life.

    • Hi Dana –

      Good luck on your natural hair journey. Congrats on reaching the 6 month mark. You’re right if you agree to this deal it does seem like you now have a ball and chain around your neck….and you’d have to carry that around forever.

      – Kenneth

  • The proposal offered is one that I would turn down. Being natural for me is not just about my hair, but about my being. And it’s something I didn’t experience when I was relaxing. Reading the requirements of the proposal actually made me frown……my mind was thinking “NO WAY!!!” It’s an offer I must refuse.

  • 10 million. I can always put a fabulous natural wig over my flat relaxed tresses. Natural hair is all about versatility for me and for 10mill I can get a whole gang of wigs.

  • I feel like you couldn’t pay me enough to relax my hair again. All of that money is nothing, money is nothing. The love of money is the root of all evil as the Word says, you have to really be in love with money in order to give up part of who you are for it. I shall not burn my head again for anything. Jesus HIMSELF would have to tell me to do it and since I know he won’t, I’ll stick to my previous statement. =) Yes, $1,000,000 does sound like a lot of money, but at the end of the day, well man really at the beginning of the day and every part of it, it’s just paper. I’ve been wanting to explore these curls for years now and I finally worked up the nerve to do it, so no dinero pare me, just my naturally NAPPY whatever-you-want-to-call-them curls. Thanks, but no thanks is how I feel haha. =)

  • There is no price in this world I could accept to return to relaxers. Was relaxer free for quite a few years before 2000, then got a “strand-by-strand” weave where beads of glue were used to attach fake, straight, long hair to my own hair. The hairdresser had to relax my own hair since I chose straight hair to attach and I proceeded to lose a lot of hair through dryness and breakage by the time I’d had several rounds of this strand by strand process. Was a crying shame I let her relax my hair back then and I’ve never had a relaxer since. I am almost 50 years old and only within the last two years have I at all understood hair structure and what our hair needs and how to do my hair. Between the YouTube natural hair community and Audrey Davis-Sivasothy’s new book THE SCIENCE OF BLACK HAIR, I have finally begun to understand how STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS and priceless Afro hair is. I do believe we have the best hair on the planet, not the worst. There is simply no price I could be offered. This is a great and important discussion. Thank you all for being comfortable being You!

  • I just started the natural hair journey two months ago and I wouldn’t go back for no amount of money offer to me.

  • It will be very interesting to watch the cosmetics industry as a whole jump to the challenge of meeting the tremendous need for education and effective, safe products for us. I wonder … I for one am also trying to patronize pretty much only the black-owned and operated hair care product new companies. Their products are by and large natural or at least natural based without those ingredients we don’t want. This is really an important time we live in. I hope a greater percentage of the 80% Af-Am women who relax their hair will change their tune soon, before more of them lose their hair.

    • Hi Chipper –

      The cosmetics industry may be slowing adjusting. Share of wallet is important to them and once that significantly starts to decline as more women who currently relax begin to go natural we should see significant changes in the commercial product lines.


  • Ok I have one for you. I can take that million after I invest a few thousand inventing a truly natural straightner, than use my product. You never said what brand. So as long as what I’m using is healthy. Being natural has taken on so many hats that you can be straight and natural. Just look at Att the blonde naturals. Unless you were born albino you are not 100% natural. I can blog and type for days so let me stop here.

    Love God.. Love yourself.. Love life..

  • No money in the world will make me go back to the relaxer. It’s just not worth it, I would probably be bald after a few months and I’m not taking that risk!! I love my natural and it’s versatile. I can wear it kinky, curly, with coils, twits, braids and even straight without the chemicals. I’m good….

  • K and J I am convinced that both of you have completely lost your minds and are now in the rare place where real thought is applied, pure passion is plied and tenacity tested. The indecent proposal that you are speaking of is actually more of a conundrum than Demi and Woody. No one actually knows how much or what kind of Sex she had with Redford’s Charactar . So there is no way to measure it for intensity or enjoyment because it was a private ( I assume) act between them unless it was ( video taped) LOL however Committing TREASON on your Natural Brothers and Sisters is evidenced by returning to Relaxer permanently and prostituting your self esteem for money.

    I just have one question for the Both Of You. : Did you think that this would be so thought provoking I want to raise this question to a larger audience lets see what we can do?

    • Hi Master Barber Williams –

      Thanks for your comments.

      Just to be clear, this post really isn’t about the act of infidelity between Demi and Woody. The plot of the movie, Indecent Proposal, was simply the driving force of the post and it does a good job of setting the stage to discuss a different type of proposal. That proposal is, “could someone buy your hair”?

      To me – that’s an “indecent proposal”, hence the melodramatic introduction. I would be offended if someone made this proposal to my wife, mom, sister, daughter or anyone I knew – honestly. To others, the proposal is completely appropriate and some naturals have stated that they would definitely take this deal. If someone decides to take the deal, I wouldn’t consider it an act of treason – it’s simply their personal decision. We have to understand that people value things differently.

      This post was intended to be fun (not serious). Keep in mind, that our real goal for this site is to encourage women and help them during their natural hair journey. In order to truly do that successfully, you have to understand the situation completely and why certain decisions are made.

    • Hi Master Barber Williams-

      Where is your sense of humor:)? No one is committing treason (as you put it), by
      returning to relaxers for any length of time. I am sure you are aware, that many, many women have returned to
      relaxing their hair for much less than the dollar amount that was proposed in the article.
      It’s all about a personal choice, right?
      I think the question was very thought provoking because some had to really think about if
      their natural hair was that important or not. Plus, by your response, I’d say you gave it a
      lot thought… (lol) Ease up- natural hair is fun; life is complicated enough :)

  • Nope. Not for all the money in the word and I could desperately use money like that. What good is money when your health is being compromised? I struggled with Alopecia for years until I met a doctor with effective treatment that could help me. Now that I have 90% of my hair back, I’m over a decade chemical-free and a proud natural rocking hair where there used to be bald patches of damaged and scarred scalp. Keep the money and the creamy crack poison, I will keep my hair. LOL

  • Interesting proposal. Honestly speaking…it is VERY tempting…and I will honestly say I will probably say yes to that-my gut reaction is YES, yes, yes…lol! I have been w/o a relaxer for 2 years now….being natural has its moments, and I do love the versatility of being natural. I learn everyday how to handle my hair and I’m still learning! I’m even at a crossroad…again…but, I’m not going back to the relaxer…there are other alternatives!

    • Donna – Out of curiosity, when you’re at the crossroads, what factors go into your decision to stay natural or to go back to a relaxer?

      Is it lack of styles? The amount work required? Something else? Just trying to understand how you feel and what factors into your decision making process.


  • as much as i LOVE my natural hair, i wouldnt turn down a million dollars for it by any means. i know a million dollars isnt as much as it used to be but its waaaaay more money than i’ve ever had.

  • The money is good but I would have to pass. I enjoyed the hairstyles you could get with perms but I went natural because perms were literally eating away my scalp and leaving me with scabs and sores EVERY TIME. Thanks, but NO THANKS.

  • For me there is no amount. That would be asking me to put a price on my happiness. Because for me being natural is more than feeling beautiful and confident its about being what God created me to be…

  • I’ve been on my journey for 12 years and I can’t imagine going back to the creamy crack. I was bound for 12 years to it and my hair would fall out like clockwork every 2 years. Since I’ve been natural, I’ve haven’t had any breaking issues. I can’t say I would do it even though the million is tempting. I think it’s safe to say I’m MsNatural for LIFE!!

  • No amount of money could get me to relax my hair. I have experienced too many disasters! I am now happy with my lot. I have accepted that this is my hair. I can go out in cornrows in the daytime, and wear a wig when I go out in the evening to get the look I want. I can then hold onto my identity and my hair. My health is very important to me. Its difficult to enjoy money when you are ill.

    • Cynthia,
      You are correct, the money is no fun is you aren’t feeling well enough to enjoy it. I too have learned that if I want a different look, I would just weave it or wig and keep what is naturally mine in its natural state.


  • While financial security is an option I want, I would have to decline this Indecent Proposal. I’ve been natural for 14yrs & its not a fashion statement or trend for me, its a Love Affair, Self-Appreciation, its simply Who I Am. From the age of 13 to my BC at age 18 I rec’d a relaxer twice a year so in my entire 32yrs I’ve rec’d 10 relaxers & if I could trade those 10 in today I would. I don’t knock anyone who relaxes their hair but for me it is no longer an option. My NaturalHair is such a Beautiful extension of me that I’d feel as if I’m cheating myself of a Blessing. I have more options w/ my NaturalHair that relaxing would be to “box” my hair into something & I prefer a “freeing” experience!

    Wishing you A Natural Love Affair

    • Naturalbella- you make a good point, I do more with my natural hair as far as styling than I ever did when I was relaxed. Natural hair is a beautiful extention- it just screams confidence :)


  • for $1,000,000 yes I will relax my hair again and transition out and go back to natural after the contract is fullfilled lol! shucks yea! I am who I am whether relaxed, transitioned or natural. My hair grows no matter what the stage it is in. I am natural now and I love love love it. Would I trade it for a substantial amount of money -where the cash at?

  • I love being natural, but you people are nuts. Millions of dollars just to perm my hair! YES! Where do I sign up for this! I’m just thinking of all the creative projects I could start, all the good I could do, all the people I could help, just for the cost of perming my hair!!!

    I am so much more than my hair, and I could be the person I completely want to be and do everything I want without having to worry about bills every month!!

    FYI–I would also cut off multiple fingers, one eye, an ear, or my tongue for millions of dollars as well.

    • Come on Candice! You’re willing to give up multiple fingers, an eye, ear or your tongue for a million dollars? I know you were joking (at least I hope you were joking), but you make an interesting point – that amount of money can be life-changing. It could also be used to help people and fund creative projects. Very interesting comments. Thanks Candice. Take care.


  • from Alessa’s mother, I will never relax my hair again, and no amount of money would make me, start relaxing again… I keep trying to remember what prompted me to relax my hair. I do not know why…I had always shampooed and pressed my hair rolled it even for my wedding…

    • Jasamine – That’s really interesting. It’s a question that we should eventually ask the audience. I wonder if the average person remembers why they started relaxing their hair. The reasons will vary of course, but there are a few reasons that immediately come to mind.

  • This is like asking me ‘how much money will it take for you to drink this poison’? Relaxers are proven to be chemical poisons and our scalp and skin ‘drink’ in what we put on them. No thanks. I love the look of my natural hair but my passion for keeping it natural comes from loving my health!

  • I transitioned to natural this time because a relaxer and rinse made me bald over half of my head, had me out on sick leave for three weeks and now, almost two years later, my hair has still not grown back.

    So no, I could not take the money or ten times that for the pain and suffering of having a relaxer from now on.

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